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Captain America: Civil War

Let me preface by saying:  Welcome to my life.

Given our watching of all things Marvel in my house, it’s probably no surprise that Devon is giddily excited about Captain America: Civil War coming out next month.  And in all fairness, I’m pretty excited to see Robert Downey Jr in a red suit again.

Yup.  Priorities.

For those that have seen the trailers (if you haven’t….spoilers…..maybe), essentially Iron Man and Captain America are at odds; mostly in whether or not the government should have any oversight into The Avengers tactics and maneuvers.  Their disagreement starts an all out war in the Avengers leaving people to pick sides; namely Hawkeye and Black Widow; and from previews, it looks like my girl Black Widow is pretty much Team Iron Man.

Plus, I do have that girl crush thing on Scarlet Johannsen, so I’m pretty happily Team Iron Man before I see any of the movie.

Devon is Team Captain.  He does enjoy Iron Man, but he’s been a huge Captain America fan since he was a kid, so he must be loyal.

So what does any proudly geeky Marvel and Avengers fan do before the movie even comes out?

He makes sure everyone in the theater knows which team he and his girlfriend are on….by purchasing nerdy t-shirts.

I now introduce Exhibit A and Exhibit B:

marvel shirts

Clearly Team Stark has the better shirt, it also gets put on top of Team Rogers.

Before he ordered them, he asks me:

“So, if I get shirts for the Captain America movie next month will you wear one?”


“Yours will say Team Stark on it?”

“Hell. Yes.  I will wear it more than just to the movie.”

“Calm yourself, it doesn’t have RDJ’s face on it or anything.”

It’s okay, he knows my crush on RDJ; he has a crush on Olivia Wilde; it all evens out.

Except RDJ has a superpowered suit that lets him fly.  All she has are awesome cheekbones, so……you know, again, Iron Man, for the win.


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