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The Evil Dead

Devon and I decided to do 31 Days of Horror Movies this month in honor of Halloween.

Apparently this is terrifying to some people.

I was totally fine with it.  But…

Apparently, watching The Evil Dead right before going to sleep isn’t always the best idea.

For those that have never seen it (also, you should probably stop reading here if you’re squeamish at horror movies), it’s five people that go to an isolated cabin in the woods for a weekend.

That already sounds horrible, right?

They’re all younger people, they’re helping one girl cold-turkey detox from whatever her drug of choice is, so they go to her parents cabin that’s clearly been abandoned and forgotten for years.  It’s old and nasty and I would never set foot in there. While girl is detoxing they find all kinds of voodoo and witchcrafty things in the basement.  One dude finds a book that he just HAS to open and start reading despite the fact that the book is telling him to not read it.  And then he starts reading out loud, which the book also tells him to NOT do (AND HE’S A TEACHER!  HE CAN’T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS?!?!?!). So then detox lady winds up being possessed by an evil demon all because dude didn’t listen to directions.

Then she starts trying to infect everyone else with the demon stuff and killing people.  Grossly killing people, that is.

By the end everyone is dead, except demon-possessed druggie lady.  Ironic, right?  Demon left her after some intervention thing.  But everyone else is dead, it starts raining blood, she kills the last demon and lost her left hand in the process.

It’s gorey.  Let’s be fair.

Devon and I saw it in theaters when it came out, so it’s not like I didn’t know what was gonna happen.

But yet I still had a demon possessed dream last night.  Devon was possessed by a demon and he kept trying to kill me with a whisk.  Yes, the thing you whip things with in the kitchen.


Stop laughing at me.

It creeped me out a little.

Before he left this morning, I tapped (hit, whatever) him on the hand with our whisk.  He’s like “…..what?”

I’m like, “that’s for trying to kill me with this when you were demon possessed last night”.

Then he told me drugs are bad and patted me on the head.

He’s mean.

He probably really is demon possessed.  It would explain so much.

He’s not, really….I don’t think….

But anyway, yeah that was weird, though.  I don’t usually get a reaction from horror movies.  I apparently need to make sure I put a little more reading time between TV and bed tonight or something.  Would very much like for that to not happen again.


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