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Spring Purse Loves

Since I seem to be on a purse kick this week, let’s just keep the trend going.

I fully admit to not being super into purse trends; I usually prefer more classic purses that I can wear from year to year and not wonder what I was thinking when I come across it in my closet a couple of years later.

When Spring and Summer come around I always feel the need to lighten up my bags, in almost every way possible.  Most of my spring/summer bags are smaller, lighter in color, and lighter in material.  It’s rare you’ll see me carry a big, heavy, dark, leather bag when it’s warm.  Typically, you’ll probably see me sport a smaller cross-body in a light tan or off-white.  And, if you do see me with a large bag, it’s usually either some sort of straw or mesh or cotton/canvas material.

I haven’t actually a bought a new spring purse in a few years so I’m on the hunt for something new.  It’s hard when you aren’t super into trends (meaning I don’t want a purse that looks like it once belonged to Sophia Petrillo – not knocking the hard woven bags – just not for me) to find a good closet staple that won’t break the bank and that you could keep wearing for a couple of years.

I managed to find a few that fit the spring classic style I’m going for and since it’s already April I need to get on ordering a couple of these or heading to the stores to check them out.

Are there any bags you’re loving this season?

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