Saturday Shorts


*Why is it Sunday already?

*I was just looking at my schedule and good lord….I’m pretty much running nonstop from next weekend until…..after the wedding.  Between wedding stuff, family, stuff, end of the school year/graduation/prom/festivities stuff, it’s…..insane.  Maybe I’ll be able to relax once the wedding is over….hopefully.

*I don’t know if anyone else noticed these Lay’s Chesapeake Bat Crab Spice chips recently:


We got them hoping it was more of an Old Bay seasoned chip….and……it’s not.  We were hoping it was just like a rights/permissions issue that was keeping them from saying it was Old Bay…but if it was, they used the second rate seafood seasoning along with it.  True Marylanders know.  Not impressed, likely not repurchasing.

*Devon and I contemplated going to Ihop this morning…but we realized it was already like 11:30 and…it wasn’t worth it.  I’m kind of jonesing for an omelette anyway, so it was sad that we thought about it so late.

*Infinity War comes out next weekend!!!  I don’t know why I’m excited it’s going to kill my heart.  But….still….It’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr on the same screen. I’ll worry about the heartbreak when it’s over.

*Devon is making BBQ baby back ribs for dinner and the smell is amazing in this house right now.  I’m so excited for dinner.

Alright off to get ready for the week.  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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