Devon Relationship

Squishy Sappy

So I’m not the only sap.  GG Devon.

Before I left on Wednesday I left a little post-it note on Devon’s computer in our office that said “I Love You, xoxo [heart]” just because I knew his reaction to my leaving last year so I figured a little note for him to see when he got home would be nice.

He texted me a pic on Thursday, that he took it to school and put it on his computer monitor in his classroom and was like “I can see this little reminder being more useful here at school than at home”.  Well, the way his room is set up (he’s in one of the science labs, he is a 7th grade biology teacher, after all) his computer faces the kids when they are in there.  One of them came up to his desk yesterday and saw the post it and tried to be….well…tried to be a seventh grader and went….”ooooooo Mr. B, kissy face, he has a love note on his computer!”  Devon of course responds with a smart-alecky comment which shuts the kid up immediately.  I started laughing too much to remember what he said.

It’s cute, though.  He has his sappy moments, too.  He has the same picture of us on his desk that I do of us and this same kid who made the “kissy face” comment also noted earlier in the year, “whoa, Mr. B, you have a white girlfriend, you livin’ the dream man, that’s wassup!”.  Devon’s like….”yup and you never will”.  Teenagers.  Gotta love them.

And then he emails me this, this morning:


He’s cute, sometimes, I admit.  He’s not cute when he leaves dishes in the sink for a day for no reason.  But still, sometimes, he is cute.  Like when he does this.  Almost two years later, it’s still cute.

He’s such a goober.

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