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No Spend Challenge

I feel like between the months of November and December we spend so much money in our house. Obviously, part of it is because we’re buying gifts, but the sales are also always so good that we use that time to replace things around the house or upgrade/update things/spaces that are showing wear. While we …

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Lidl Bowie
Frugal Living Shopping

Exploring Lidl

I feel like everyone knows Aldi, but not everyone knows about it’s “brother” store/company; Lidl. Admittedly, I’ve heard about it, and have always been interested, but I never had one close enough to be able to get to it easily. Now, there is one on the way home from work. Actually, there’s about to be …

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Frugal Living Simplify

No Spend September

Summer, for me, always has that trend of spending more money than I should, so when September rolls around my bank account feels a little lighter than normal. Back when I originally started in education; I didn’t get paid in the summers (since I’m a 10-month employee), so I had to be really good at …

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Frugal Living Hair Shopping

Deal Hunting Diva

I honestly get kind of mad when I have to pay full price for stuff.  It makes my heart hurt and kills a little piece of my soul. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. But only a little. You know how you see/hear people or friends say “I need some retail therapy” and they …

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