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So, this is pretty much my view, currently.


My wisdom teeth are fully and successfully extracted and, so far, without a lot of issues, which hopefully stays that way.

I gotta be honest, I didn’t sleep much Monday night because, I’m a bit neurotic and a hypochondriac and a catastrophizer when it comes to me having health-related things done.  So, I was worried about the procedure and being under general sedation which I’ve never had before and the after effects and everything.  So, I didn’t sleep much. Devon told me yesterday that he didn’t sleep very well Monday night either because he knew I would be up worrying (and I was) so every stir I made, he woke up, if I rolled over, he woke up, etc.  In the end, neither of us slept well and my surgery appointment was for 7:30am.

But, we were up and there by about 7:15am.  I was first, obviously, so I went back pretty quick.  Then they started prepping all the monitoring stuff on me; I had that little blood pressure/heart rate monitor thing on my finger and they had the little corded monitors on my chest and one on my side.  It was, maybe 7:35 when my oral surgeon came in and put the port IV thing in my hand for the sedation.  While he did that a nurse put a spacer thing in my mouth to prop my mouth open and…..that’s all I remember.  I was out.  I have no recollection of falling asleep (or unconscious, whatever), no recollection of anything happening, nothing.  Next thing I knew they were sitting me up, someone said, “Morning, Stephanie”, and my mouth was numb and filled with cotton gauze and they were putting an ice pack around my head.

It felt like 2 seconds had passed.  And, in reality, it was only maybe 25 minutes because the clock I saw only said about 8:00 or so.  My doctor wasn’t kidding when he said it would probably only take 30 minutes to get them both out.  They checked me out; I felt fine; groggy and foggy, but fine.  They helped me into a wheelchair and wheeled me down to Devon’s car and we picked up my meds and he helped me upstairs and we came home.  We were home by 9:00, at the latest.

And I was goofy from the sedation.  I had NO pain, I had this ice pack that looked like head gear wrapped around my head and I was HUNGRY.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was starving.  Then I like, randomly started playing with my bottom lip because it was numb and yet it still felt weird…and I was in a daze…sooooooo…..yeah……I was quite amusing for a little while.

And this wasn’t even me on pain killers.  I refused the pain killers; I didn’t want them.  I have too much history of addiction in my family, the last thing I wanted was a narcotic.  Thus far, I haven’t needed anything stronger than RX strength Advil.  I’ve been alternating that and Tylenol and so far, I’m good.

I wore my poor Devon out yesterday.


This was him about 8:00pm yesterday.  He has been taking really good care of me since I got home and I’m not the easiest person to take care of.  I’m uncomfortable and grumpy and cranky, but he’s good at ignoring my moods and being sweet.

I’ve had more discomfort, stiffness, and soreness from the actual procedure than I have throbbing from the teeth, which is good.  I have those dissolving stitches on both sides and those are annoying me more than anything.  Because I keep feeling like there is something in my mouth that doesn’t belong, which there is, and I feel the need to make it go away.  But I can’t.  And it’s making me crazy.

I think the fact that my teeth were fully grown in is what has been making this recovery easier.  Hopefully it doesn’t get worse.  I’ve been going by Devon’s experience when he had his wisdom teeth out years ago and, if he’s right, I should be over the worst part by now.  I am swelling on one side, which was the problem side to begin with, which made both of them come out so I’m not too surprised.  The swelling isn’t horrendous, but it’s there.  I think my cat is even looking at my face like “what is up with you?”

But, I am home, I am very well cared for, and hopefully I get a little better each day.

And hopefully, I’ll be able to sink my teeth into ….well…anything soon.  I miss chewing my food.

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