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I’ve kind of been on an unintentional vacation this past week.

I was intending on kicking back as hard as I did, but I’m not mad about it.  This past week has been, pretty much, one of the few completely uneventful weeks of summer I’ll have this year.  So I reveled in it.

I intended on getting some projects done, going into work for a bit and preparing for next year.

But then I thought, it’s still June, it can wait.  I just got done a long and stressful year; I deserve a few days to laze around and decompress.

So, I did just that.  And it was glorious.

Devon and I went out to brunch on Tuesday morning; just because we could and because brunch is delicious.  I did stop at work for a few minutes but that was only because we were close by so I figured I’d check in really quick.

Other than that, we stuck pretty close to home this week, had a bit of a staycation, if you will.  Just very calm and very relaxing.


Next week will be kind of similar, but there will be pain involved.  I finally have my wisdom teeth coming out at 7:30am Tuesday morning.  Part of me can’t wait because then the hell of these teeth will be over, but part of me is still really nervous.  Hopefully everything goes as easily as it seems like it should and there aren’t any huge issues or complications.

Then I’ll hang out and home and rest for a couple days, at least that’s what I’m planning now.  If I’m up and fine, so be it, but I’d rather be overly cautious and prepare for a couple days at home if need be.

I stopped at Wegmans the other day and prepped myself, food-wise for afterwards.  Applesauce, mashed potatoes, chicken soup/broth, yogurt – basically nothing I have to chew.  Worst case scenario is I don’t want to eat anything for awhile, but I’d rather have enough or more than enough food here just in case.

Then, the week, of the 4th of July, I head back to work.  Our summer program is starting July 5th, so hopefully there’s not a ton of swelling or any complications that would make me off.  I also, officially and fully, take over my new role in my department that day.  My co-counselor’s last day is June 30th, so it’ll be time for me to begin my new tasks, and time to decorate my new office.

But before all of that happens…

We’re having a couple of friends over tomorrow night for the Game of Thrones season finale.  During the school year we really don’t have people over on Sunday nights because we like to go to bed semi-early, but it’s summer, so who cares.  It should be fun and I just hope that the finale is better than this past week’s episode.  Yes, I’m in the minority; it wasn’t that great of an epsiode.  I admit it.  Flame me all you want.  I just wasn’t as psyched as some people were.  Typically, the finales are amazing, though, so hopefully that trend continues tomorrow.

I’m basically going to try and enjoy the next 48-ish hours of mostly normal eating and pain-free existence as much as possible.  Yes, I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to stuff like this; it happens.  Feel free to cross your fingers or send any good juu-juu you have for me for Tuesday morning.  Next time I update, I’ll likely be short on some much wisdom.  Wisdom teeth, that is.

Yeah, I’m a bit corny.  Deal with it.


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