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Friday the 13th…revisited?

I don’t know, today is just weird.  Meanwhile last Friday was fine.  I don’t know.

I slightly feel a little bleh, which has a tendency to happen after ACA Conferences.  Not emotionally or anything, just physically.  They take a bit of a toll on the body, especially when you’re in 80 degrees for almost a week, then go back to 40 degrees and windy.  Not to mention the lack of sleep and the crazy schedule.  So I’m all about going home today and chilling out and resting.

We had a Social Justice Assembly this morning that was having major technical difficulties at the beginning.  My department chair, who was hosting our speaker, was freaking out because of all the issues.  We started late, but once we got it together, the speaker was amazing.  We had Donald Whitehead a homeless advocate come and speak to our girls about his struggles with addiction and homelessness and how he got to where he is as a result.  It was a really powerful presentation.

Then I come back to the millions of things I have to do.  So instead of doing it, I check Facebook really quick.  I see one of Devon’s coworkers tried to friend me.  Doesn’t sound that bad, right?  Yeah…no.  This guy is annoying.  He’s one who thinks he and Devon are BFFS meanwhile Devon has, literally, flipped him off in a faculty meeting before (don’t worry no admin was present).  He thinks Devon is just playing around with him but Devon has specifically said I don’t like you.

This guy keeps trying to get Devon and I to hang out with him and his wife (who are in their mid-40s and who have kids that are only like 10 years younger than Devon and I are, which creeps Devon out).  If Devon liked you, maybe.  But he doesn’t even like you.  You annoy ME and I don’t even KNOW you.  Why friend me on Facebook?  I don’t know him like that or want to, at this point.  He’s kinda creepy.  Not interested.  :clicks deny:

Then one of the math teachers I work with and who likes to have awkward exploratory conversations with me (ya know, the “so where did you go to school?” “what do you like to do one weekends?” “what’s your favorite flower?” random shit like that), comes in to my office after the assembly.  I leave my door open, just as an FYI.  He starts asking more questions, “How was Florida (the whole school knew where I was, so it wasn’t a secret)?” “Was the weather beautiful?” “What did you do, other than sit out by the pool?” etc.  Then during his questioning, he encounters the picture on my desk of me and Devon from our first date.  He’s all “oh….is this your husband?”  I just respond with; “almost”.  Then he asks the “oh, so you guys have been together a long time?”, “about 10 years (he doesn’t need the whole sorted story at this point)”.  He looked really uncomfortable and wound up excusing himself just as uncomfortably as he looked.  My admin assistant comes in and was like “awww, did you just break his heart? You know he liked you”.  I’m like….oi.  Why?  I’ve barely spoken to him since I arrived here, other than lunch duty.

I dunno, though.  Today is odd.  I’m ready to go home and pretend like none of this happened.  It’s too random and odd for me today.

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