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Unconscious Coupling

That was my ode to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Don’t worry, it’ll never happen again.

I’m trying to figure out when we became the couple that had almost all “couple friends”. The majority of the people we hang out with most often are couples, so much so that we rarely use the terms “my friends” or “your friends”, it’s just “our friends”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice.  It’s just….odd?

Yes, we’ve been together almost three years, this shouldn’t be a thing.

We were talking about going somewhere in the spring and we were like “we should have a couple of friends join us”, so we started rattling down our list and the first five suggestions were couples.  So, I guess I just finally realized that we coupled off.  Not that we don’t have single friends anymore, but the majority of the people we’re close with and hang out with are a couple.

According to a lot of studies, it’s healthy for relationships when you have a good, solid set of couple friends.  So many people claim that monogamy is dead and that long-lasting relationships don’t happen, so it helps to surround yourself with other couples because you’re surrounding yourself, possibly, with a safe couple space.  It’s like those sitcom moments where the guys are in one room and the women in another.  Each set is complaining about their partner and not necessarily looking for answers to why he leaves his clothes in the middle of the floor when the hamper is three feet away (that’s obviously NOT me….), just someone to complain to, who gets it.

Then, I’m sure, the guys are saying “does she really NEED three different shampoos in the shower? (again, obviously NOT me/Devon….), or something crazy like that.

Then everyone comes back together and all the couples are content, happy, amorous, etc. It’s good; it’s healthy for a relationship to have couples friends.

I’m not mad that it happened.

I’m just trying to figure out when that happened.  I know I spend too much time harping on weird shit; it’s just part of my charm.

What’s even odder is that Devon’s a lot more “meh” about it than I am. Mr. “I don’t like my different people groups to mix together”.  He was always the “I have my family group, the work group, the school group, the guys group, etc, and the groups shall never meet/cross”, and it was like that for a long time.  Like his “Frostburg friends” never hung out with his “home friends” or “work friends”, etc……until me, anyway.  Now I’m in, like, all his groups.  :insert evil laugh here:

But even he’s like “yeah…..friend mingling happens”.  Since when Mr. Groups Shall Not Cross?

At the end of the day, I’m happy that we were able to mingle into each other’s friends that our friends have spouses/partners that we each, for the most part, get along with.  There is one or two that get on one of our nerves, but that’s not too bad.

It’s probably even better that I can’t determine a solid line of when couple friends happened.  It just seamlessly all blended together without a lot of fuss, which is how it should be.

We’re getting so domesticated in this house.  🙂

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