Wreck This Journal and Listographies

I used to be obsessed with these “Wreck This Journal” books from Keri Smith a few years ago. Does anyone else remember these?


The entire purpose of the journal was to completely destroy it; mark all over it, rip it apart, drop things on it, among other things.

I was laying in bed last night and randomly started thinking about these books again; I’m not sure why.  I can’t even remember what I was doing on my iPad that made me remember it, but the fact that I still remembered it when I woke up this morning tells me I probably wanted to maybe start it again.

So, I actually grabbed it off of my shelf this morning before I went to work and flipped through it.  I left quite a bit of it undone, and I’m not one who doesn’t like to finish what I start, so maybe my brain was yelling at me for leaving the book only half finished.

While I was searching my bookshelf for this, I also found these Listography books that I got around the same time that I was obsessed with wrecking books.


I forgot that I had these, too.  I’m a compulsive list maker, so these are like gold to me.  I think, though, I got too many of these books at one time, so I sort of overwhelmed myself which took some of the fun out of it so I wound up putting them away.

Admittedly, I’ve always loved the thought of creative journaling (which probably makes sense if you’ve seen my planner obsessions – just search this blog if you haven’t) but I’m not the most artistic or creative person, but these books make me feel a little more artsy. Plus, they’re really relaxing for me.  I think my brain is trying to tell me that with Christmas break coming, these might be good things to get back into.

Keri Smith, the “Wreck” author has done even more books similar to this idea, which can all be found on Amazon.  I know I got the Listography books from Target a few years ago, but they also have them on Amazon, as well.

These might even make good gifts for someone on your list this holiday season! Especially for those people that are really hard to shop for but are creative and need an outlet for it. Or maybe even a gift for you, if you also need an outlet for something.  Best thing is, none of the books are super expensive, which is really nice considering one of the books is designed to destroy it.

I’m excited to try diving back into these books again!

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