My Goofiest Wedding Purchase So Far + Shoes

First of all, before I get to wedding stuff, I want to point out that it’s supposed to be sunny in Baltimore today.  After the insane winds and random rainy and doom and gloom of the past day or so, that’s pretty nice. Back to my regularly scheduled programming….I was out yesterday, because spring break …

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Favorite YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of my favorite pastimes.  I admit, I watch it often; probably a lot more often than I should, but if it helps, my TV viewing has decreased over the years.  It all balances out, right? I watch some of the most random things on YouTube; I can go from a beauty product …

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Saturday Shorts


*One of my bridesmaids is pregnant!!!  She finally told everyone today; she told me….almost a month ago and asked me to not say anything, which has been LITERALLY KILLING ME! Michelle is going to be the best Mom on the planet and I am so excited for her; I can’t wait for her to be …

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