Engagement Wedding

4 Months Until the Wedding!

Technically we hit the four month mark on Saturday, but close enough.

We finally have our invitations ordered! Yay!  We actually ordered them on Saturday, too.  We’re pretty simple so we wanted our invitations to be pretty simple, too.  It probably took us about two hours to find a design we liked because so many of the designs were super frilly or floraly and I’m not that kind of girl.  Nor am I the girl that is creative enough to design her own.

Devon’s only real request was he wanted them to be blue.

Blue isn’t as common in invitations as one would think.

Then he’s like, “what about a lightning bolt on it?”

“Or fire….what about fire?”

I’m just staring at him wondering if he hit his head or something recently.  I’m like why do you want a natural disaster for our invitations.

“Just for the humor of it.”

This is who I’m marrying, folks.

And yes, I know I still have time to back out.   But I have the dress already…so…..we can go along with it.

So, these are the invitations we finally settled on:

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.38.36 AM

Since the natural disaster thing was weird, we did add in a little humor to our names. We’re curious if anyone will notice or not.  Neither of us are super “into” our middle names so we wanted to do something in place of them.

We were supposed to have our venue planning appointment last week but apparently they had a last minute booking so our appointment has been pushed until March 15th. That’s pretty much the only amount of stress I’m working with here.  I feel like once we have all the details set there; it’ll be a huge relief of knowing what everything will look like and what’s being prepared and all of that.

I did ask our coordinator for a gluten-free option for me.  Knowing that I likely will not care and just eat normal food that day anyway; I wanted to at least try it.  Because…let’s be clear….I’m eating whatever I want on our honeymoon.  My doctor has been informed and he gave his blessing (with the caution: “your stomach may not like you”, to which I said, I don’t care).

But, I have no intention of it being a gluten-free wedding.  Just because I have to deal with this doesn’t mean I have to make anyone else suffer.

As much as I would love to have all the details, that won’t happen until next Month’s update.

We are getting bridesmaids dresses ordered next weekend.  It’s one of those things I’ve claimed to care about….but at the end of the day…I don’t really.  I just want them all to look good and be the color we want.  Outside of that; I legit don’t care.  So they are all picking something out and we’ll get that handled next weekend.

Right now, one of my main focuses is getting my dress altered.  I’ve been the same weight (like literally to the pound) for the past few months, so I want to go ahead and get my dress altered, or at least start the process, in the next few weeks.  I’ve heard it can take awhile to have alterations done and I want to make sure I have time to make tweaks if necessary before the wedding.

So we’ve got a few things ironed out.  For next month it’ll be focusing on dresses and tuxes, getting the invitations prepped to go out and finalizing our venue details.

I’m kind of at a point where I wish we were married already.  Is that weird?  It’s not that I’m not enjoying the process, but at the same time, it’s been awhile and I’m looking forward to the marriage part of life.  I’m sure in a couple of months I will be wishing for this time back as I’m pulling my hair out.

But for now, we’re trucking along.  I’m sure these next few months will fly by!


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