Engagement Wedding

3 Months!

I swear, each time I place the ” ____ Months” in the title and the number is smaller, I get more and more random anxiety.

And not over anything in particular, just random stuff like; what if my hair doesn’t stay up during the ceremony, what if my dress suddenly doesn’t fit…..

Just random shit.

Spring Break is this week, so it’s going to be a great time for us to get a lot more done, we have appointments and goals for pretty much every day of it, so we should be in an even better space by this time next month.

So, what have we been up to?



That’s probably been the biggest thing here.  It’s a relief to know that they should all be available to pick up by the end of April/beginning of May because all of them will likely need some sort of alteration.  One will need hers hemmed, one will need her’s taken in, so we want to make sure we have them in time for all of that.

I also managed to figure out my hair situation.  I’ve been all about having my hair partially up/down because that’s how I typically like it.  However, I’ve decided to just go ahead with a full up-do.  I would love for it to be something like this:

wedding hair

My hair is probably not thick enough for it to have that much volume.  But, I love how soft this looks while it still holding well so that I don’t have to worry about it falling.

Plus, it’s the end of June and we’re getting married in the evening, so my hair will be done, probably in the hottest part of the day, so the likelihood of it melting, just for that alone, is pretty high.  And I would be so annoyed if my hair melted quickly.  So, we can avoid that by just putting it all up.

Devon finally got his tux….appointment.  It’s for this coming Saturday, so it’s fine.  There is still enough time for all the guys to be fitted and do whatever guys do for this sort of thing. I’m not entirely sure what his tux is looking like…. like I know there will be a tie, vest, all of that.  He asked me at one point a couple months ago if I cared if he wore a jacket or not.  When he was a groomsmen in his friends wedding, apparently it was the suit jacket that annoyed him more than anything else.  Plus, again, it’s the end of June; so it’ll be at least super warm.  I don’t really care if he has the jacket on or not.  So, I’m fairly certain he’s opting to not do it.

I think his vest is going to be blue.  I’m doing that mini bridezilla thing of trusting him with that and yet thinking….maybe I need to see this before they order things…..we’ll see.

Our wedding registry is fully updated and everything is available/valid.  A few of our things had been discontinued since we created our registry, so we had to replace things and add a couple things that weren’t available before.

A lot of our current life is also just making appointments for things and making sure everything is scheduled.  I scheduled my hair appointment for the day of; we’ve scheduled time to sit down with our officiant/DJ (it’s the same person – it’s a guy I went to HS with), scheduled a follow-up with our photographer, etc.

We also had to re-schedule our venue planning appointment, which I mentioned last week, because we were both sick.  We didn’t want to change it because we really want to get that part done and handled.  But, it is this coming Thursday, come hell or high water.  We’re both off for spring break, so there should be no reason we can’t get it done.

Along with our venue appointment over break, we’re also going to pick up our marriage license.  We kind of want to get it before we forget about it.  Our luck, we’d remember it the day before the wedding and our offices for those are one of those Monday-Friday 9-5 kind of offices, so we wouldn’t be able to get it the day before. We are also going to send out wedding invitations; which may seem a little early, but we know our friends/family; the more time they have the less stress we will have.

We’re getting there.

I feel like the next couple of months are going to fly by; which is also what everyone tells me will happen.

Part of me is ready for the months to fly by, but I’m fairly certain by this point next month, I may be singing a different tune about that.  We are getting a lot done in the next couple of weeks, though, which is unbelievably helpful for us.

Hopefully we can finish out the next couple of months with the least amount of stress as possible.


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