Saturday Shorts


*My unintentional blogging break of last week was unintentional.  I’ve been really good at having my content ready ahead of schedule, but last week was just a crazy week and it didn’t happen.  So, we shall try again this week.

*It’s Spring break this week….well….starting on Thursday anyway.  I’m so excited.  It’d be nice if it actually feels like spring for it.  We had our random 6 inches of snow this past Tues/Weds, but all the snow is already gone because it immediately went back up to the 50’s right after the snow passed.  I’m kind of ready for spring now, so we can leave the snow alone.

*We did hit three months to the wedding yesterday!  I can’t handle it.  It’s getting so real. Our 3 month update will be up this week so you can see all of the things that are happening!

*We celebrated three months to the wedding by going to my school’s super fancy gala last night.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I had a dress on.  I’m really kind of over the dress wearing in my life this year; I’ve put on TWO in FOUR months.  That’s a lot.  I’m gonna need a break for a few years.  Except there is my wedding……sooo….but after that….no more for five years. #pantsarelife

*This week is going to be another insanely busy week.  I’m kind of getting used to them at this point, I think.  However, I will be nice when we can settle into a quiet/boring existence again.

With that, I’m going to tackle my super long to do list for today.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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