Saturday Shorts


*We’ve spent most of the weekend just trying to recuperate and get healthy again.  Devon and I were both definitely sick the past week and I think mine was working on me for the week prior.  So the weekend has been spent cleaning/lysoling the house, resting/napping and having homemade chicken soup last night for dinner.  I take no credit for the soup, it was a recipe I found from Natasha’s Kitchen and it was delicious! We added a bit more spice because….us and more chicken because again….us.  But it was so good.  I love the dill in it, it added a nice freshness; even Devon liked it.  Plus it was nice and thick, which is a Devon requirement for homemade chicken noodle soup.  (And yes, I did a gluten free version for me…sigh.)

*Spring break is so close yet so far away and I’m not a fan.  This past week was our school’s last full week of school before spring break, so that will make the next two weeks easier.  We have off this coming Friday for “venture day” which is our school’s way of getting faculty to other schools to see what they are doing and what techniques we can implement with our students.  It’s a great idea; I like it.  Plus I have a ton of educator friends, so it’s essentially me going to work with a friend.

*Because of illness (and because illness made Devon have a fever for about three days), we had to reschedule our venue planning AGAIN; which is sad, but it’s now our first day of spring break, so probably a better day than any other.  I’m kind of anxious to get it done at this point.  I feel like a lot of things are now waiting for this to be done, so I’m antsy.

*I’m also antsy because we hit 100 days until the wedding this past Friday!  AHHHH!  I can’t believe we’re in double digits here now.  We started this at like 578 days and now all of the sudden it’s right around the corner.  Part of me is so excited, part of me is just ready for it to be here already, and part of me is like OMG SO MUCH TO DO! But it’ll be fine.  This wedding is making me see all the great people Devon and I have surrounded ourselves with; so many are offering to help with preparations, on the day of the wedding, and taking other stressors off our plates so we can focus on this. It’s so much more than I would have ever expected from anyone and am just really grateful for our friends.

*As I was writing that, I got an email that our flight to London for the wedding, if we booked now, would be $2400…..we booked it at about $700.  Definitely good at planning ahead.

*In talking about stress; I just had a pretty major car issue come up that essentially stressed me out Thursday-Saturday.  I take my car to my dealership for service because I have a service package that makes it more affordable to go there than anywhere else.  I had a simple brake issue a month ago so I took it to another location closer to work; same dealership, just different location.  They, basically, destroyed my brakes in the process and didn’t do any kind of diagnostic testing on it. Thursday, they started making a grinding noise (which is always bad) so I took it to my old faithful dealership and they said; not only did I need new brake pads a month ago when I had it done, I now also need new rotors because whoever did them last put them back on wrong; in addition, my alignment in my car was so horrible, I need new tires because my tires are bald on the inside from rubbing and my car isn’t sitting/driving properly because of the poor alignment (which the other store didn’t tell me about).

*I feel like that bullet point got long, so we’re gonna make this into 2. My dealership is surprised my car was stopping (that’s fun to know), so they put me in a rental while they figure things out because mine isn’t safe to drive.  I call the other dealership in my attempt to raise hell; I call the service manager, the general manager, etc; no one calls back.  So, I emailed corporate.  Within 30 minutes the CFO of the company calls me and is like, “we are taking care of it, this should have never happened, you should have never been placed in an unsafe car; that’s not how we do things, you’ve been with us a long time, we’re going to make all of this right.” By the end; originally, it was an additional $1200 in repairs (in addition to the $350 I paid a month ago) including two new front tires. After all was said and done; I paid for the front tires.  I still need two new tires in the back, but those can wait until summer.  I picked it up yesterday; the mechanic talked me through everything; assured me that he test drove it and everything is beautiful (I still need back tires so the back alignment is the best they can get it until I put new tires on), I should have no issues.  Driving it home was the best it has driven in well over a month; it was smooth, it was quiet, my car stopped beautifully every time.  I will never take it anywhere else ever again.

So, this became super long so I’m gonna go meal prep for the week and I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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