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2 Must Have’s from Trader Joe’s

I admit; I’m not a die-hard Trader Joe’s shopper.

I know, it’s hard for people to digest.  Especially when I say it at work; I’ve gotten audible shocked gasps when I’ve said it.  I work right outside of Washington D.C. and Trader Joe’s is life in the DC area.  I’m not sure how or why it’s such a huge thing, but it’s like a cult following around there and I’m not a cult follower.

But, there are a couple of things that I am low-key (kind of) obsessed with from Trader Joe’s.  Like I would give my right arm to make sure that I have these in my possession; it’s that deep.

And it’s the two most random things on the planet.


I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s Salt and Vinegar Chips and Organic Broccoli Slaw.

Trader Joes

I can likely walk into any store and find both of these things (I mean definitely salt and vinegar chips) but both of these are just better from Trader Joe’s.

I have always loved salt and vinegar chips and the more tang they have, the happier I am. These definitely have the tang, AND they are incredibly crunchy because they are Kettle style chips. I could probably eat the whole bag in one sitting.

I might have come close to doing that once or twice.  Don’t judge me.

I like to think they’re a little better for you because the ingredients are relatively minimal and easy to pronounce.  I know they’re still chips and chips aren’t the healthiest. But….so….good…..

trader joe salt and vinegar chips

Then there is the broccoli slaw.

I have tried other pre-packed slaws like this and I don’t know why this one just tastes better to me.  It genuinely makes no sense; but it just does.

This bag salad is meant to be a starter for a slaw salad that you can add a dressing and other veggies to, or dried fruit, or nuts, or whatever you want.  I have a friend that throws this into a big green salad just for a little extra crunch and goodness; so it’s even just good as an addition to other dishes.

trader joe organic broccoli slaw

Personally….I’m perfectly content to just put some slaw dressing on this and leave it as is. And I will admit, sometimes, my “slaw dressing” is just some good ranch tossed with it.

I’m sure someone is laughing at my love of ranch again; but it honestly works so well on it; it’s creamy, it has the herbs and seasonings to give the veggies flavor.  All I need is a little extra salt and pepper on it, and it’s great.

Plus, the slaw mix is full of sturdy veggies, so you can dress the whole bag and leave it in the fridge for a few days and the veggies stay crunchy; they don’t get soggy quickly. Anything I can prep ahead, I’m all about these days.

I’m sure truly Trader Joe’s obsessed people could come up with a list a mile long of items that are essential to daily life.  For me; it’s really just these two things that I’d throw a fit over if I couldn’t find them.

Maybe I need to explore TJ’s further.  Maybe it’s a rabbit hole I’m better off not falling into.  I don’t know, but I’m open to suggestions. Feel free to drop any must-haves from TJ down in the comments; I may eventually love you for it.  Maybe….

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