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My Favorite Flats

Flats are my life.


I don’t think I’ve worn heels in about five years.  And I really don’t miss them.

Working in a school mean I’m running around all day long.  The only days I don’t move as much is when everyone seems to come to me as opposed to me chasing all the people I need (this does not happen often).  I don’t have time for heels or shoes that hurt.

I also had surgery on both of my feet a few years ago; or rather on both of my big toes; which can make wearing heels hurt because of all the pressure put on your toes in heels. Of course, I’m also fairly certain the surgery wasn’t done 100% properly, which is why heels hurt…but…that’s a different story for a different day.

Basically, I need shoes that are comfortable; that I can easily wear to work and even to help dress up a little on weekends if the need is there.  I have tried a lot of flats over the years; some hurt, some fell apart really quickly (because I wear flats at least 5 days a week, so they need to last), some did that whole rubbing on the ankle thing, which is super annoying.

BUT!  I have found my holy grail flat.

The best part?  They’re under $20.

I’m not kidding.

Second best part?


They’re from Target.


The Mossimo Supply Co Ona Scrunch Ballet Flats are the best things I’ve ever put on my feet.  And I’ve tried so many; inexpensive shoes; high end flats that are supposed to feel like you’re walking on air; ones with teachers in mind….none of them compare to these flats.


I love them so much, I own them in three colors; and they are basically all I wear 5 days a week.  The brown pair I’ve had the longest (which you can probably tell); probably almost two years, and they’re still super comfy and in great condition.  Considering how much I wear them; I’m kind of amazed that there aren’t any holes or really huge signs of wear anywhere on the outside of the shoe.

I bought the leopard pair over the summer on clearance for under $10, they might have been like $8-9 and I wear those a lot, too.  I didn’t think I’d get a ton of use out of leopard flats, but it’s surprising how many different things I find to wear them with.

The black ones are a recent purchase, like around Christmas time.  I’d had other black flats for a couple years and they were finally just dying, so I figured the two pairs of Mossimo flats lasted really well, so lets go for the black pair.


One thing I love, which I wouldn’t have expected in a less expensive shoe was the cushioned insole in these.  It’s probably not memory foam, but that’s pretty much what it feels like when you put your foot in these. It is so soft and bouncy; even my old brown ones still have a ton of softness in the insole – it’s not wearing out or flattening as they age.

So again, basically, I wear these every single day.  It is probably the softest, most comfortable shoe I’ve ever put my foot into.  If you are on your feet a lot (like us educators are!) and want a pair of shoes that will last and not cost you an arm and a leg; I would strongly suggest giving these a try.  They come in about 6 different colors/patterns and the “nontraditional” colors (basically all of the colors except black and brown) have a tendency to switch out with the seasons, like I saw they have a pretty floral pattern – that just happens to be on clearance for under $10.

Plus, if you have a Target redcard, you’ll get an extra 5% off your purchases.  AND, if you want to wait for a sale; I’ve seen shoes either go on sale, or have a cartwheel offer attached to them pretty regularly; so you could potentially score them for even less, if you want to be patient.

Essentially, go buy these shoes because they’re amazing.

And you’re welcome.  🙂

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