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Wedding Band Conundrum

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way, the jeweler I’m mentioning just has the biggest selection of what I am looking at thus far.  I’m open to other jeweler options! 

When Devon and I got engaged on Thanksgiving I had a lot of people tell me to essentially plan for stress upon stress during this whole process.

It’s pretty much been the exact opposite so far.  I don’t know if it’s just mine and Devon’s naturally laid back personalities or the fact that we’re just planning our wedding our way and our families are pretty much staying out of it (or a bit of both), but with everything else going on, it’s actually fun and stress relieving for me to plan stuff for the wedding.

Except wedding rings are stressing me out a little.  I’m honestly not even sure if “stress” is the right word, more like confusing me, I guess.

I love my engagement ring, mostly because it’s not the common solitaire setting that I’ve seen so much of the past few years.  That setting is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I love that while my ring is a solitaire, it’s a marquise cut (which I always thought I’d hate) and has some personality to it.

But I’m having issues deciding on a wedding band for it.

For reference, this is my engagement ring:

engagement ring 1

It’s so pretty.  You’re also welcome to ignore the fact that I need a manicure.  That’s happening tomorrow.

I always had the thought in my head that I’d always just do a simple wedding band with an engagement ring, maybe with small diamonds half way around, something like this:

But, with the marquise setting, I don’t think a straight band will work well because I also like the idea of the rings sitting, at least somewhat, flush together.

So, then I think about the idea of a contour band:

zales contour
photo credit

Or a Chevron band:

zales chevron
photo credit

Those would probably be the best if I want a ring to sit flush with my engagement ring because of it’s shape.

But then, I’m thinking, maybe I want a wrap wedding band/enhancer or stacked wedding bands (you know where there is one band on either side of the engagement ring).  I also have a thing for balance, which is why I’ll never be the person that doesn’t have an end table on both ends of the sofa or the bed, it’s just not possible for me.  Looking at my ring, I also feel like it might look better (is that the best word here…?) if I have it wrapped or stacked with a wedding band on each side.

So, something like this (but not exactly this since it’s the wrong shape):

zales wrap
photo credit

I’m being hopelessly indecisive about this.  I know I still have well over a year to figure it out, but if I’m this indecisive now, I’m going to need a year to figure it out.

I am open to opinions/suggestions (would I have blogged about it if I wasn’t), especially if you have a stone similar to mine about how you figured out the wedding band aspect.  I know I also need to go to an actual jeweler and look at bands and see how they fit for me to see what I really like.  But, I’d like to have a better idea of what I am going in for before I start trying things on.

Wedding bands should be simpler for those of us that like to over complicate things…like me.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Band Conundrum”

  1. First of all, CONGRATS! I love married life, and I bet you will too! I love that you are seeking others opinion on this matter, it can be very helpful, I hope in the end you get something you will love forever. Just don’t let others push you around about it. 😉 Don’t be bridezilla during your engagement and you will enjoy it! Again congratulations and best of wishes.

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