Saturday Shorts

MIA Saturday Shorts

*I have been very unintentionally MIA this week.  My deeepest apologies, it was, obviously, not planned, but we’re back!

*Mostly I was MIA because my mother finally had her port placed on Friday morning for her chemo treatments.  The procedure went well and easily but she was at my house the night before and until yesterday afternoon.  You guys have seen the size of my house, so having four adults in a 950 square foot space can be a bit….overwhelming, at least for me.  I like having space to move around and be able to have a quiet space without having to search for it.  But, like I said the procedure went well and shes back at her house now and all is well.  Her first chemo treatment will be May 12th.  

*When I got back yesterday, Devon and I spent a good part of the day putting the house back in order.  I’ve come to realize that we are a wee bit particular about how our house looks and how its arranged.  I’m okay with it, actually.  I accept that there will always likely be corners of my house that have random things just sort of piled up in them, but I also like when things are where they belong and that our rooms are open and not cluttered with things.  When my family was here, there was just stuff everywhere and it was making me a little nuts.  So, we spent a good part of last night clearing everything and it was almost like I could breathe easily again when it was over.  

*I’m making/prepping my Spinach Pasta Salad for lunch this week.  I haven’t made it in awhile and I wanted something good, portable and somewhat light for lunches, so this will work.  And it’s so easy to make.  It’s just going to require me to get off my butt long enough today to boil the pasta and throw it all together.  Which will likely happen later today.  

*On the subject of pasta salads, I’m also in the process of testing out a couple of new ones I concocted for spring/summer.  I’m always obsessed with pasta salads, but particularly this time of the year.  Hopefully they will be up on the blog soon! 

*I’m sooooooo excited for Erin Condren’s 2018 Life Planner Pre-Sale this week!!!!  There is so much new stuff coming in this launch including new accessories and book styles.  And the thing I’m most excited about is a new calendar style: they’re finally doing academic year planners!! Meaning they will have coil bound planners that go from July to June.  Typically in past years, their calendars that started in July ran throughout the entire next calendar year (so it was an 18 month calendar), which was a waste for those of us who use it as an academic year.  I cannot wait to check everything out!  I’m going to be doing a larger EC post on Tuesday with some of the new things they have coming out, but they also have a ton of stuff on sale right now, so you’re welcome to head over to the Erin Condren site and check out their sale on teacher planners and Life Planners.  And using my link will get you an additional $10 off your first order! 

Alright, I need to go be productive.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

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