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I’m learning that as I get older, I really start to dislike time change. Losing an hour of sleep didn’t really hurt last night because we didn’t have to wake up at a certain time, but it’s going to hurt tonight when we try to go to bed around 9pm after waking up at 10:30am. So….there’s that.

Devon did enjoy his birthday, however, so that’s good. He’s always the low-key one when it comes to birthdays so a quiet day with a couple of things he enjoys is pretty much all he wants.

I started swapping out winter/heavy clothes in my closet for spring/lighter ones since I’m fairly certain Mother Nature is done with winter here. It might still be colder, but I know we aren’t getting any kind of snow/ice and even the “cold” doesn’t feel as cold, so SUMMER IT IS!


There are a lot of sales on new spring items happening this weekend, which helps if you’re also getting ready to go through your closet and realize you have a lot of stuff that needs to go away or be replaced. I have our spare bedroom closet full of stuff that probably just needs to go on Poshmark, which likely won’t happen until Spring Break because #aintnobodygottimefodat

Madewell — Extra 40% off select styles and 20% off everything else w/code LIKEALION

H&M — Up to 50% off sale styles.

Banana Republic — 40% off everything + 50% off sale styles, no code needed. 

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