Casual Friday
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #6

It’s Friday!!!!

And, it’s a Professional Development Day which means I actually get to have a Casual Friday.  I even got to have a Casual Thursday because we had a school-wide dress down day yesterday, so it’s like two days of presents!

I went a bit more comfy today than I did yesterday.  When we have school-wide dress down days (when the students are here) I have a tendency to do like a “dressy casual” kind of day; I just feel like it’s more appropriate when they’re around.

But now that it’s just the adults here, I’m still happily in jeans, but in a comfy, almost sleepwear comfy, shirt and my Toms.  If I have to sit through a day full of meetings, I want to be as comfy as possible.

How many more times can I say “comfy”?  I guess we’ll find out.


I did also experiment with a “flat lay” this morning.  Note to self, these don’t necessarily work well at 5:15am when it’s still super dark outside, so…there’s that.  But I also figured I didn’t really need to show what I looked like at 5:15am either…so this was probably a less scary view of what I’m wearing today.

Casual Friday

Click the photo to see sources for items. 

I pulled out my OG/best/favorite jeans for today because I love them.  They’re the Lucky Sweet N’ Flare jeans I’ve mentioned before that they no longer make and my heart still hurts about.  I still find them randomly on Poshmark and eBay, so when I do, I snatch them up so that I can go as long as possible before I have to be without them.  They’re the best flare leg I’ve ever worn and the most comfortable jeans, too.  I linked similar ones in the photo.

These little v-neck henley style tops from H&M have a special place in my heart.  They’re super comfy and soft and I wear them a lot.  I think I own almost every color/pattern at this point and wear them to work with dress pants or with jeans, so they’re super versatile.  Plus they’re right under $10, so a really good price and they wash and wear really well.

I paired both of these with a simple boyfriend style cardigan (again, linked a similar one since I’ve had this one from Nordstrom for forever) and my ever favorite Toms.

Simple, comfortable, but still work appropriate.  It’s the best kind of Friday.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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