Saturday Shorts


*Today is my last day of nothingness for quite awhile.  I’m not sure how much I’m liking that, but there’s some fun stuff in there, like heading to Frostburg for the night next weekend.  I’m super excited for that.

*I’m currently battling a cold sore on my lip.  I know that’s just what all of you wanted to know, right?  Though, I am using one of my best purchases from when we were in England.


Seriously.  If you’ve ever had a cold sore, you know this stuff is the real MVP and super expensive…and available by prescription only.  But not in the UK!  This stuff is like $5 (well…pounds) per tube and over the counter.  I bought like 4 tubes because of that.  It’s the same stuff they sell here as a prescription.  There was so much they sold over the counter there that you need to almost sign in blood to get here.  I told Devon when I run out of this stash it’ll mean that we need another trip to England to replenish.  Little does he know, I’m only like 35% kidding….

*I need a new cell phone case.  I like Otterbox, but I’ve had the big Defender case and I’m really tired of the bulkiness of it.  Plus, it’s been on my phone for two years, so when I took it off, it was kind of gross in there.  So, while I currently have a cheap $5 case on it; we know I drop iPhones, so I need something that will protect it.  But, I don’t really want a big and bulky Defender case on it anymore.  I currently have a 6S (not plus) version (and before you scoff, I don’t update my phone just because there’s a new version, I keep phones until they die), so if you know of another case that will protect it from random drops but not add so much bulk, feel free to send rec’s my way.

*I’m currently waiting for Devon to put together the wine cabinet we got as a wedding gift so that we can finally fill it.  He’s now claiming he’ll put it together next weekend while I am away.  I guess we’ll see if it’s actually done or not when I get home on Saturday night.

*Devon is not going to Frostburg with me on Saturday.  He was originally going to go with the friend and I that are going, but he’s on consecutive field trips Friday and Monday, both of which are kind of far from his school and the thought of spending another 5 hours in a car on the weekend was making him queasy.  So, I guess that just means we’ll need to go up another time because he’s now kind of mad he isn’t going.  He has this whole, “Frostburg was meh” in regards to his time there; and I get it, I mean not only did he spend an extra year there (thanks to a major change from Math to Science) it’s also home to the only time in his life he ever had to repeat a class (Organic Chemistry, ’nuff said), and the one time he got angry enough to slam a bunch of doors and punch a stop sign (it’s the only time in 15 years I’ve seen him that frustrated).  But, at the same time, he’ll always jump at the chance to go back (which makes me call BS on some of his “meh”-ness).  So, he and I can make a trip up there maybe during the spring semester; before it gets warm….so sometime before July.

*Why did an Instagram account call “Pregnancy.announcement” start following me.  I promise I’m not announcing anything any time soon.

*Apparently, today is National Mother-in-Law day.  I do have to say I got pretty lucky in the mother-in-law department.  She’s great and she did do a pretty good job at raising her son.  Of course, I tell her that more than I tell Devon….his head doesn’t need to be any bigger.

Have a great Sunday!

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