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Fab Fit Fun Unboxing

I’ve heard so much about the Fab Fit Fun Box throughout the blogging world and on Facebook that I had to try it out, at least once.

Basically what this is, is a box subscription service (think like Birchbox and StitchFix) that you can sign up to receive 4 times a year.  So, each season – fall, winter, spring, and summer, you’ll get a box filled with seasonal health products, beauty/skin care products, accessories, and more for $49.99 a box.  It seems a little high, but each box is guaranteed to be worth over $200.

In fact, the box I just got was worth over $250!

On top of that, there was a promo code where I either got like $20 or $25 off the box, so I really only paid, at most, $29.99 for this box (all subsequent boxes will be $49.99) and I got $250 worth of FULL-SIZED products.  Yes, the stuff they send is full sized, not trial or travel sizes like some other subscription services.

Now, I’m not entirely sure which box I received.  They said they were sending the spring box, but seeing what was in my box and compared to the reviews I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure I got the winter box.  Either way, I’m pretty pleased and excited by what was in there. There are a couple of items or products that I’m kind of “meh” about for various reasons, but those are also items I can easily gift or give to someone else.  Even without those items, what I like out of the box definitely is worth more than what I spent on it.

I know most of these “unboxings” are videos, but I hate videos more than having my picture taken, so I just took pictures of everything.

One of the things I liked about this box is you can take a questionnaire to have the box more personalized to your needs.  It asks a lot about what beauty products you prefer, what your clothing size is, your workout level, etc.  I can see some of the personalization in my box this month, which is really great.

First of all, the box is adorable.


Each box is done in promotion for a charitable organization/cause, which as you can see, this box is benefiting Pencils of Promise.  Each box comes with a booklet describing the box as well as the charity it’s supporting.

As you can see:


The note card, also explains each product you are receiving and tells you the retail value, so you can really see the value you are getting.  Like I said, this box is worth over $250 and it’s actually worth $257.98!


Getting into the goods…..


First thing, (which is what told me this was the winter box), is this amazing blanket scarf from Modcloth.  This thing is HUGE. I love scarves and actually don’t have a blanket scarf, so I’m very excited by this one.  Baltimore’s winter has kinda flopped this year, so I don’t really see me wearing it now, but next winter, this is definitely going to be well used (I’m assuming).


This To-Go coffee mug is adorable.  I’m not really a coffee drinker, but I do like hot chocolate in the morning sometimes, so this would be great for it.  Plus the lid screws on instead of you just pressing one of those silicone-y lids on and hoping that it stays on while you’re driving.  So bonus points for that.


Next was an adult coloring book and pencils from the charity they are supporting.  I’m a counselor, so I’m all about coloring.  It’s really a great stress reliever.


This is one of the products I’m not so sure about yet.  It’s a Mannakadar Beauty LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain (whew, that was a mouth full).  It’s a 3-in-1 lip gloss, so it primes your lips, is a lip gloss and lip stain all in one, which sounds great.  But I’m not sure of the shade, it’s a little dark for me, I think, especially since I’m much more of a natural make-up kind of person.  It’s in the shade “Lucky” which has a lot of purple-y undertones, so I think it might be a little dark for my fair complexion.  Love the packaging though!


I did a swatch of it on my hand, and it’s really, I think, too dark for me.  And it’s definitely a lip stain because it took a little scrubbing to get it off my hand.  But you do want that in a lip stain, so it stays well and it has a pretty shine to it, like a gloss should.  So, it feels good, it’s just too dark for me.


There is also an Argan hair oil in the box, which normally, I’d be a little against because my hair usually doesn’t need oil.  But it’s been so dry lately, that I’m not mad to try it.  It’s a Marrakesh Oil Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy Hair Styling Elixir.  You’re supposed to put a small amount on dry hair to help control frizz and dryness and make your hair look shiny and healthy.  It’s a little bit of a thick oil, but OMG it smells AMAZING!!


Then there is a Mineral Face Peel from O.R.G Skincare.  The packaging is adorable.  I’m a sucker for things that are well-presented.  It’s essentially an exfoliater.  You spray it on your face and allow it to soak in for a few seconds and then use a brush or a washcloth to buff all the gunk off of your face.  This is another product I’m excited to try because while my face is kind of normal to oily, it still has peeling sometimes and dead skin on it, especially around my chin and nose, so I’ll be excited to see if this works.


This next item is most definitely going to get gifted to someone else.  In fact, I can think of a couple of friends that could use this.  It’s gorgeous, but I’m allergic to gold, so I can’t wear it.  It’s by Jook and Nona and it’s 18k gold-plated stainless steel and it’s amazing quality but I’d itch if I wore it, which is unfortunate.  But it will make a nice gift for a friend.


This body butter cream from Anderson Lilley smells SOOOO good.  I’m not normally a fruity scent kind of person, but this Sicilian Tangerine is really good.  I actually put it on this morning while I was getting dressed and the lotion is so good.  It’s thicker than average lotion (it is a body butter) and is really making my dry-ish skin from this winter feel a lot softer.  I’ve had a couple co-workers ask me what I was wearing today that smelled so good and it’s this, so I’m pretty happy with it.


Last, but not least, is this really pretty Zoya nail polish.  It’s their Big 5 Free Polish line, so it’s free of a lot of chemicals that most polishes have in them and I have it in the shade Rue. Obviously, those that know me, know I typically get manicures on my fingernails. But, I am still excited about this because I don’t get pedicures, I do my own toes and I think this will be really pretty on my toes.  It’s pretty neutral but there are some blushy lavendar tones in it.  And it seems like blush is a big color for the upcoming spring, so this would accentuate that well.


So, I’m going to say that was my winter box, but I doubt that was the spring one.

But overall, I’m really excited by what was in there.  While not everything is a win right out of the box, I have a couple things that will be nice gifts for friends that would appreciate them, so it’s not like anything will go to waste either.

Would I get this again?  Most definitely.  I changed up my personalization survey a little for the next box, however, to kind of filter out the couple of things that I might not be super excited about.  But for $49.99?  This was amazing.

If you are interested in trying out a box, you can use this link to save $10 off of your first subscription box, so it will be $39.99 for the first box (and subsequent boxes would be $49.99).

If you decide to try it, come on back here and let me know if you liked it!

5 thoughts on “Fab Fit Fun Unboxing”

  1. That lip stain color is gorgeous – totally a color I would go for, as is the nail polish!

    You could always keep the blanket scarf in your car as a back-up blanket too – they work great for that on flights or if you need a blanket in a pinch!

    That necklace is fun too! Gold is my go-to, but I love that it says Happy on it. Does your school do senior awards or anything? That could be a fun award gift for a senior who always had a positive attitude or was very encouraging to others.

    I always see these boxes and want them, but can’t bring myself to purchase them at this point.

    1. I have the scraf sort of sprawled around my couch almost like a blanket right now LOL

      And we don’t really do that for seniors, it’s a great idea, though!

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