My Top Picks From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Last week, I went through a lot of the major categories of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and highlighted a bunch of items that I thought were great closet staples for the fall and winter or items I just thought were some of the best deals of the sale that you may want to snag or look at once public access opens tomorrow at 11:30am EST.

If you are someone who hasn’t shopped the sale yet, that post is the best one to start with because it has the most options and you’re likely to find something that fits your personal style best.

For those that are shopping the sale for the first time tomorrow there are a couple of tips that I have in my experience of shopping it that may help you get what you’re looking for without a lot of frustration:

1. Shop online if you’re not a fan of crowds.

This sale is always busy, especially on the first day when it opens. If you’re anti-people definitely shop online. Also, online typically has a greater selection of styles and sizes than most stores do, so you’re a lot more likely to find what you need online than you are in store. Also, unless you’re looking for one of the hottest items in the sale, wait about half an hour or so after the sale opens to go online. So many people slam the site as soon as the sale opens and it usually causes a little bit of a commotion. You’ll have an easier time navigating the site if you let those who are flocking to their one most needed item first check out before you log on.

2. Don’t wait to check out.

This is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year, so if you decide to shop around all the categories and browse through everything before you check out, odds are items in your cart will be gone before you hit “pay”. Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, so you’re not paying a ton of shipping fees if you check out more than once. If you’re putting something in your cart that looks like it’s super limited in stock (and Nordstrom is usually good at letting you know that), go ahead and check out and then continue shopping afterwards. You’re a lot more likely to get your items that way. If you’re planning on shopping multiple departments (like men, women, kids, home, etc) I’d recommend checking out, at the very least, after you’re finished in each department to ensure you get what you’re shopping for.

3. Take advantage of Nordstrom’s Return and Exchange Policy

If you’re browsing and you see an item you aren’t 100% sure about but kind of want to grab it…grab it. You can return anything to Nordstrom, no questions asked. The items in this sale are usually only priced this low during the Anniversary sale – they may go lower when they are clearanced out in spring, but the selections may be limited. If you find something you want in a different size, grab it in the size closest to what you need – try it – and if it doesn’t work, you can exchange it for the right size later when it’s back in stock (even if it’s after the sale ends – they will still honor the sale price in the exchange).

4. If an item you wanted is out of stock, check back later.

Sometimes Nordstrom already has restocks of items planned, sometimes they don’t so it can be hard to say if something is coming back. But it’s always worth checking every couple of days or so to see if the item you desperately wanted will be restocked. Sometimes people return things and they will appear back online or in store. You can also chat or call Nordstrom at any point to see if an item you were eyeing will be restocked at any point during the sale. Most of the associates can pull the item info and let you know if it will be returning to shelves or not.

5. Most importantly….KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SHOPPING FOR

This is definitely one of those sales where we can all start to see all of the pretty things and just go crazy in spending money when we don’t have to. There are so many things that seem like a great idea until you get them home and realize that you have absolutely no use for them in any way shape or form and there was no reason to buy them. Make a list of what you’re looking for and stick to it. I was primarily shopping for sweaters, jackets/coats and jeans and knowing that kept me away from the loungewear section that I love but have an overflowing amount of or from buying more knee high boots that are going to gather dust in my closet. Keep yourself in check with a list. Trust me.

All of that aside….

At this point I have gotten most of my Nordstrom orders in and want to share my favorite items so far (I’ll update when the last couple orders come in, so check back in the next couple days).

I will say, I have a love/hate relationship with sharing fall/winter clothing right now. I love the thought of fall when it’s cool and comfy outside and I can wear blazers and scarves and all the cute things. But I hate it because it’s also blazing hot outside…like it felt like 102 by 11am this morning and the thought of putting any clothes on my body just made me cringe….which is why these items are in flat lay as opposed to on me.

I love all of you…but not enough to suffocate in 102 degree heat…even with my AC on full blast, I was still sweating just doing these in flat lay…it’s not a good look.

If you’re in the same seventh circle of hell heat like I am…I’m sorry…truly…but maybe these will give you some good fall feels? Maybe…


Topshop Double Breasted Plaid Blazer

Topshop Double Breasted Plaid Blazer
Regular: $110
Sale: $69.90

I have to start with my favorite thing from the sale and we probably shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a blazer, especially this blazer. Plaid is everywhere this season and this blazer is the perfect way to add plaid to your wardrobe without it being overpowering. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was obsessing over this plaid blazer (currently out of stock) and while it was good….this Topshop one is better and more versatile than the black and red one for me, so this one won out. This is a double-breasted, boyfriend fit and a little oversized, so if you’re between sizes definitely size down so that it’s not too big on you.

Caslon Split Neck Print Blouse

Caslon Split Neck Floral Blouse
Regular: $59.00
Sale: $38.90

I love floral, flowy, boho-style tops and this one pretty much ticked every single one of those boxes. It has 3/4 sleeves, which is pretty much perfect for me year round (except…ya know…for seventh circle days) so this will get year round use from me. The material is soft and doesn’t feel super heavy, which will make it a great transition piece as we head into fall. This would be cute with jeans and flats on a weekend, of even as a little pop of fun with a blazer at work. It does run a little big, so if you want it more fitted, size down one size.

Gibson Print Ruched Long Sleeve Blouse

Gibson Print Ruched Long Sleeve Blouse
Regularly: $64.00
Sale: $41.90

I love this blouse for work, you can pair it with pants, a skirt, heels, flats, a blazer…it’s so versatile for any work environment you have. You can also take it to night or weekends with a pair of jeans and booties easily. I love the ruching at the neck, it adds a little bit of detail that helps to kind of break up some of the patten a bit. This top does come in a few different patterns, but I thought this teal color was the prettiest and the most versatile of the prints. It is hand wash…just as a warning for those that are against hand washing things…it’s a pain but I can also usually throw these garments into the machine on gentle and hang it to dry and it’s fine. But just be warned if you want to purchase!

Kut From the Kloth Natalie Bootcut jeans

Kut from the Kloth Natalie High Waist Bootcut Jeans
Regular: $89.50
Sale: $59.90

We know I’ve been on the search for the perfect flare jeans to replace my beloved discontinued Lucky Brand’s so I bought a bunch of jeans to try out. These Kut from the Kloth are pretty amazing. They’re a bootcut, so not flare, but I still really like them. They do fit true to size but their inseam is a bit longer which my long-legged self loves (they’re a 33″ inseam) but if you’re shorter than I am (I’m 5’8) they may be too long for you but perfect if you’re going to wear them with heels. They do also have a petite inseam of 30.5″ that may work. I love that these have just a hint of distressing at the hips and I like the darker medium wash that these have as well. These would be great for work on a casual Friday or if you just have a more casual work dress code and also perfect to dress up a bit for a night or to wear casually on the weekends.

Wit & Widsom Ab-Solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans
Regular: $68.00
Sale: $44.90

I’ve heard about these Wit & Wisdom jeans for a good year now, so while they weren’t the exact style I’m searching for, I had to try them. The Ab-Solution is the real deal…like…without question. I don’t know what sort of witchcraft is in these jeans, but it literally pulled all of the midsection in but it was still comfortable. So if that’s your jam, you’ll love these. These are also slightly shorter of an inseam, so if the jeans above are too long, these will be perfect for you! They are actually a little too short for me, which makes me sad but I may see if the hem can be let down a little…because they’re that good and worth keeping, but the current hem will make me slightly annoyed (I just need like an extra half an inch – my long legged ladies understand me, right?)

BP. Sierra Flats

BP. Sierra Flats
Regular: $49.95
Sale: $29.90

I have been calling these the dupes of the Sam Edelman Riza flats (which are super popular in the sale) mostly because…they’re nearly identical to the more expensive Sam Edelman version (which are more than twice the price of this BP dupe). Both shoes come in the same colors (albeit different hues) and feel pretty much the same on the foot. You all know I wear flats all the time for work; I live by them and I’m always happy to add cute flats to my closet. These do run a little small, so I went up a half-size and they fit perfectly.

BP. Lightweight Sweater

BP. Lightweight Sweater
Regular: $39
Sale: $25.90

This make my love of simple basic pieces in my wardrobe self happy. I love this purple color and I love that I could wear it casually with jeans on the weekends or dress it up with a pretty scarf or accessories to fancy it up for work. It is a shorter sweater and hits pretty much right at the hip so it’s not as cropped as a lot of sweaters are these days. I’d call it more of a medium-weight sweater as opposed to a lightweight, though, but I am someone who runs more hot than cold, so it could just be me. It does fit true to size, but you can size up if you want it a bit more oversized like I did.

Topshop Super Soft Deep hem  Sweater

Topshop Super Soft Deep Hem Sweater
Regular: $68
Sale: $44.90

When they say “super soft” on this sweater, they mean it. It’s soft and fuzzy which is pretty much my favorite thing when we hit that super cold frigid times of winter (which I’m pretty much longing for at this moment). It is an oversize fit, so I got my normal size because I like that, you can size down if you want it a little more fitted. This is pretty thick and what is nice is that it is longer, so you can wear it with leggings/skinny jeans, if that’s your thing, and it should cover your behind easily. It is so soft, so stretchy, so perfect for winter.

Bp. longline open cardigan

BP. Longline Open Cardigan
Regular: $49
Sale: $31.90

I love BP. cardigans. I grabbed this cardigan last year in a pretty mustard color so I had to grab another one in the ivory color this year. If you bought this last year it’s almost exactly the same except last year they had more of a curved rounded hem at the bottom and this year, it’s just straight and even hem along the bottom. I like both ways, so I’m not mad about it. This hits me a little above my knee, so it’s a good long cardigan that is so versatile and could be worn with literally anything. It is true to size for me, you could go up a size, though, if you like your cardigans oversized.

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer
Regular: $59
Sale: $38.90

This is pretty much the soft/work appropriate version of a Moto jacket. It can work with any outfit and just heavy enough to either wear as a full jacket in the fall or as a blazer in the winter. It hits at the waist as it should and fits true to size. If you want it to be a little less fitted, I’d size up, especially if you think you’ll wear a long sleeve shirt under it. It comes in about 8 different colors and is inexpensive enough that you could potentially get it in a few colors. I think I want to grab it in the dusty rose color, as well.

Nordstrom At Home Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw

Nordstrom at Home Kennebunk Plush Bliss Throw
Regular: $39.50
Sale: $25.90

I talked about finally biting the bullet and getting a Barefoot Dreams throw this year, but I was watching Instagram stories and saw someone I follow talk about these Nordstrom blankets and how they are just as soft as the Barefoot Dreams ones for a quarter of the price. And…she was right. This blanket is so soft and cozy and will be perfect for the winter. We prefer to keep our house pretty chilly so I do usually just grab a blanket if I’m little cold and this will be perfect. It is definitely a better price point, as well, so you could pick up a couple of them in one of the dozen color options they have.

I will be updating this post as my other orders come in the next couple of days but I hope this is helpful and I hope you all grab what you’re looking for as the sale starts tomorrow!

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