As an eternal hater of skinny jeans and pants that let every single person see every solitary pocket of cellulite you have from 10 miles away, you can just imagine how elated I am to see a “70’s retro” trend happening this spring. 

Check out the trends on  I essentially live in those pants that the middle model is wearing. You can’t see all the bulges (not that she has any anyway) and they actually look flattering. Unlike skinny jeans which take you 30 minutes to get into even if you’re wearing Spanx already. 

I can finally, actually, go pant shopping without getting angry because there is nothing I like. In fact, I have been doing that this afternoon. Because while my pants and jeans are currently all the rage again, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple new pairs.  

Like, maybe these….

Flared Suit Pants from H&M

Or, these cute (and cheap!) flare trousers from TopShop.  

And, of course, I can’t forget my favorite jean company, Lucky Brand
I AM SO EXCITED!! Flares and wide leg pants everywhere!!!  Yay!!! 

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