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Sick Staycation

So, finally, I feel better. Mostly. I can actually breathe out of my nose now and I don’t feel like I have a 3-ton weight sitting on my chest anymore.

I went out yesterday for the first time in a week. The weather was questionable but there were things I needed to get done before school resumes on Monday (insert small groan here). Some of it was just ordinary like going to Sams and getting gas (where I spent $29 filing up an SUV, yay). But, Devon and I also needed to go to Verizon.

Oh my.

I always forget to bring reading material when I go in there. Devon and I decided to merge cell plans because it’s actually less for us to be on the same plan and really, why do we need to completely separate plans when we live in the same house? So between doing that and it being time for Devon to upgrade his phone (actually it was time for him to upgrade about two years ago…..he pretty much only upgrades when the phone he has dies, and his trusty old Droid 2 finally died), we were in Verizon for a good 2.5 hours. And it was sooooooo crowded. I was hoping with the much anticipated Ravens/Steelers game last night that most people would be at home or at a bar getting ready for the game but nooooooo. Everyone had to be in Verizon.

Devon’s mom, Lisa, was also with us because we were going to dinner with her after. Luckily she’s very easygoing (it’s where Devon gets it from) and didn’t mind that it was taking so long. She just kept playing with the iPad mini store display while we were getting things situated. Finally we were done with a new and cheaper plan and Devon with his new Droid Turbo and wireless charger (which he was really excited about).

Once we finally left Verizon and went to Chilis for dinner, we did a quick gift swap that we never did on Christmas. Lisa got us a new waffle maker AND a bread maker. You have NO idea how excited I am about both of those. I have no idea where they’re going in this kitchen but so excited! She also got me a pair of beautiful leather monogrammed gloves, but still…..WAFFLES!!


I realized something after I got home last night. Despite my being sick for 60% of it, this was probably my most enjoyed winter break, ever. I spent basically every single moment of it with Devon and I’m not tired of looking at him yet. People that know me, know that I’m not typically someone who can be around anyone all the time, I usually need to cut out for some alone time. I haven’t felt the need for that during this break. For me, that’s comforting because it’s something that’s never happened before. It’s making it even harder to go back to work tomorrow.

But, I suppose all good things must come to an end. And there’s only….maybe….3 months until spring break? That’s not…..THAT long….. I guess….. Hopefully I won’t be sick for that vacation. But, back to work and reality tomorrow. I think my sinuses are mostly ready, if not I can make it a short day if needed. Here’s hoping all my kids are rested after a nice long break. :fingers crossed:

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