What to Wear to a Wedding?

No, seriously…..

As a wedding guest (and someone who despises dresses) what the hell do I wear to a wedding? I’m completely baffled.

It’s not like I’ve never been to a wedding, but literally, every time I go to one, I have this same conundrum.

Devon and I have our friends’, Harold and Mandi’s wedding to go to Thanksgiving weekend.  (Yes, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.) . Harold and Mandi got engaged a couple of months after Devon and I did and they’ve actually been together longer than Devon and I have.  Harold is one of Devon’s groomsmen and, of course, Devon will be one of Harold’s groomsmen at his wedding in a few weeks.

So, Devon doesn’t have to deal with what to wear.  He has his tux order done (and is actually picking it up next week) and he’s good to go.

Also, yes, my “date” (can I really call him that anymore) will be in a tux.  THAT JUST ADDS TO MY ISSUES! He never wears suits/tuxes/ties, so I don’t feel like I have to be super dressy either.  But since he’s in a tux, do I have to wear a dress?

This is too much pressure.

So, I’m trying to think of options because I have a good chunk of the day on Saturday to go shopping and maybe try to figure this life out.  Devon has Harold’s bachelor party to contend with on Saturday so I can have the day to myself to try things on, shop, etc.  I’m going to lay out my options here and you guys are welcome to give me any feedback you want or suggestions because….I’m not good at this.

For background, it’s a November wedding (obviously) and at 7pm, not black tie (in any way), so coming a little more “casual” would not be any sort of faux pas or offend anyone.


Option 1:

Some sort of jumpsuit deal.  They can look pretty snazzy (yes I did just say that) but it would still let me wear pants (which I would love). My only concern is that some can look a little too business-like as opposed to night out, so accessory choice may come into play with them.  Maybe something like:


I feel like I could get away with something like that since it has some nice detailing.  Plus it would probably help hide some of the turkey I will have eaten in the days prior.  I could do a pretty necklace with it to dress it up a bit.

Option 2:

Some sort of palazzo pant or wide leg pant and a cute top. (We see that I’m trying to keep myself in pants here, right?)  Super wide leg pants kind of give the illusion of a dress but I can still be comfy since I’m not a dress person.  Something along the lines of:


Obviously, I would not wear white, but this is the sort of style I’m envisioning in my head. I think anytime you wear pants to some sort of an event like this you run into the possibility of it looking a little too “business”, but I may be willing to risk it for comfort.  I also love how long these are.  I’m also kind of obsessed with wide leg pants in general, so this makes me happy.
Option 3:

Suck it up and get a dress from an online rental, like Rent The Runway or something like that.  I don’t want to actually buy a dress because the likelihood of me ever wearing it again is slim to none.  This option would likely cost the least and then I wouldn’t have something randomly hanging in my closet forever.

Now, I’ve never used a service like this before, so if anyone has, I’d love to hear reviews and feedback on the experience with it.

They do have some nice dresses and I’m not against spending $50 on something and then sending it back.  Maybe something like:

SW329 (1)
Rent The Runway

If I wear a dress, it’ll be longer without question, I’m not a fan of shorter ones.

So, what should I do?  I can dress myself, normally, pretty well, but this is pretty much outside of my realm of life understanding.  I must have missed the teaching on how to be a dress girl at some point.

So…….help?  Pretty please?


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