New Layout

So, I was really good and didn’t do anything cosmetic to my blog in awhile. But I genuinely grew to hate the background so I had to change it. I just wanted something simple and clean and easy to use.  Blogs can get so cluttered by too many colors and too many things that I …

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Doctor Who Game of Thrones TV

Doctor Who Meets Game of Thrones

Oh no…… Arya Stark is going to be on Doctor Who.   Guys…. GUYS! I can’t deal. Arya is my favorite ever.  I don’t care that she looks about 25 playing a 12 year old. YES! BUTOMGGUYS!  HOW MUCH BETTER WOULD THIS BE IF IT WAS STILL TENNANT! Tennant…….my Tennant……the only Brit I would leave …

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Devon Funny


So I just got to interview one of Devon’s current students who wants to go to my school for high school. It was hilarious. She and her mother walk in and before they’ve even sat down they see the picture I have of him and I on my desk.  Mom is like “C he looks …

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Random Rant

:Dances a jig:

OMG OMG OMG I HAVE INTERNET AND TV AND PHONE, OH MY!! So I come home Friday night and see that none of our Fios is working.  There is no phone line, internet is down and TV won’t connect. After I sob in a corner in the fetal position; I texted Devon with the alarming …

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If these teachers in this school don’t start parking where they belong….I will riot.  They aren’t supposed to park in our little lot on the side because there are no classrooms here, ergo, they don’t need to be here.  We have a small lot on the side for non-teacher faculty and the staff which, obviously, …

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Rambles Random Rant


And no I don’t mean the neon ones from Twilight.  These vampires wear white jackets with the lettering of “Lab Corp” on them. Dear god. Three vials of blood drawn this morning (remember, vitamin D and iron deficient) to see where my levels are.  I HAVE LOW IRON!  So yes, I did get very lightheaded …

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