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My New Digs

As I mentioned last week, I accepted a Counselor position for the next school year. With my beloved school closing, life has been pretty up in the air, which has been unbelievably uncomfortable for me.  If you’ve ever lost your job or been laid off, you probably understand the feeling all too well.  It’s scary …

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Summer Break + Long Awaited News

I’ve mentioned for….several months that I have news to share but that I wasn’t ready to share it yet.  I’m still not really ready but it’s more of a reality now, so I might as well put it out there. I’ve never really known how to say it, so I might as well just say …

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Christmas Holiday Work

Winter Break is Here!

It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. That was my life yesterday. We only had a half day anyway and there were essentially no classes.  We had a Christmas prayer service and did a morning of a Christmas decorating battle and Christmas movies.  The students were dismissed at 11:30 and then the …

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Better Days

So I know I’ve been a little depressing as of late.  I apologize, it’s just been a rough couple of weeks.  Today was really nice, though; it was moving and powerful.  A couple of months ago I received an invitation to bring four of my sophomores to the Women of the World Leadership conference day …

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