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Who Needs a WFM Desk?

We know that I have yet to put a desk in our home office. Devon brought his desk over from our apartment but mine was too small and not functional for me, so I got rid of it. And have yet to replace it. But, working from home, it’s time to change that. I’ve been …

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Work Update

If you remember back a few months ago, I told you all I was leaving my job (then current school). The environment was just very unhealthy, I was not happy where I was in the building and was basically losing all desire to even be in education anymore. Even more backstory, in case you don’t …

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Summer “Vacation”

I made it through my first year at my “new” school! I feel like “new” should be in quotes since it isn’t fully “new” anymore. But yeah, I’m done…it’s over, and I could not be more excited to now have the summer “off”. Yup, that also deserved quotes, all of my fellow educators know why. …

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Last night I went to visit some of my girls from my old school for their spring recital.  For a few of them, it’s their last recital since they are graduating next month. Since one of the graduates went out of her way to invite me, there was no way I was going to miss …

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School Safety

I don’t put a lot out about political beliefs or ideals here because it’s not really what this space is about. But being an educator, all of these school shootings and school safety as a whole is a big concern for me.  And not just for my safety, for Devon’s safety, for all of my …

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Another Change Coming….

But not me this time. Devon is actually doing the changing this time.  Which, if you know him is utterly shocking. And no we’re not breaking up.  I have my wedding dress, damnit, we’re down the aisle.

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New School Update

A few of you have been asking how my the new school year has been going. Generally; pretty damn good. Am I exhausted? Yes. Am I running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off? Yes Has my work load increased ten-fold? Yes Do I love it? Yes. You kind of always walk a …

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