Housewife Status

I kind of feel like I’m becoming a little…”housewifey” here.

Which is not a bad thing.  I feel like people take such a negative connotation of that word.  It’s not a bad thing.  I don’t feel I could do the stay at home thing because I like the thought of having a career and a whole different life outside of my family.  But there’s definitely a housewifey vibe happening with me.

Both Devon and I have professional development days with our mutual school districts today.  I don’t technically have to go to mine because I’m not a teacher and none of the workshops apply to me at my school, so I took a bogey and planned to call out the day.  Devon had to go to his for his workshops.  It’s also starting to snow a bit and is supposed to get nasty.  Because no kids are in our districts schools, the schools didn’t feel the need to help out the faculty and is still making everyone come in and stay all day (at least at this point) despite the beginning and impending nasty weather.  So, I’m off today (because I took it out) and Devon is at school for the forseeable future, because I get the feeling they’ll close early.

Here it is at 7:15am.  I’ve been awake for an hour because Devon is not the quietest person in the morning when he wakes up.  Normally, I would have just gone right back to sleep but I’m sitting here in front of my computer making a list.  Aside from the fact that I’ve realized I have a hard time sleeping in our room when Devon isn’t there (even when I’m sick), I’m making a list of things I want to get done today around the house while Devon isn’t home.

My list includes things like: Make soup for dinner tonight (which I might post later because we’ve had it before and it’s amazing and ridiculously easy to make), sort/do laundry, put our linen closet back together (we had a serviceman in our house last Friday and our service closet is in the linen closet and we haven’t put all the stuff back in it yet), vacuum, and go through the office closet.

None of it is a huge task (maybe the laundry is, but Devon does most of it, I’ll start it/sort it, and he’ll do it) and I’ll likely get it all done today but it’s just so…..uncharacteristic of me from prior….life.  Ordinarily, I’d be looking at a day of sleeping, watching TV, maybe going shopping or having lunch with a friend.  But here I am, at, now, 7:22am, making a list of chores around the house, not planning on going anywhere, not planning on going back to sleep, and perfectly content with that.  The weather probably has a little something to do with it.  I can’t guarantee that I’d have the same gusto for it if it was 65 degrees and sunny outside today.

But today, I’m completely content to hanging out at home, making some hot chocolate (because I don’t drink coffee), having a nice hot dinner with Devon when he comes home from having to be out in a potentially nasty snow storm and doing some straightening around the house.

Who have I become?  I don’t know.  I’m okay with it, though.

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