Choosing Dining Chairs

Congratulate us! We finally bought a dining room table! Ya know…four months after we moved in. But it’s fine. We’ve been indecisive, we’ve been over this. However, we now have the issue of finding chairs that go with it. We have this issue, partially because the chairs that came with it were out of stock …

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About Me

2020: My Intentions

2019….was a HELL of a year. Well, let me rephrase…it started in hell but has ended in a much better place. We all know this was not my favorite year, by far for various reasons, most of them being professional reasons. By this point, we’re fully aware at how annoyed and stressed out I was …

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After Christmas Sales

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing holiday. If you’re like us and got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas that you’re looking to use or just searching for the Christmas gift you were hoping to get; there are tons of sales that started today to help spend that Christmas cash! I’m sure …

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Merry Christmas!

Devon and I were both saying yesterday that it doesn’t feel like Christmas. It feels like it should be October or something, how is it we’re at the end of the year (almost)? Devon did do his customary Christmas baking day yesterday where he made ALL the snickerdoodles. We know I’m not supposed to eat …

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Celiac Food Uncategorized

Gluten-Free Pizza Amazement

So we need to talk about frozen pizzas. Specifically gluten-free ones because…well… I can’t eat regular ones anymore…. Obviously. Before my celiac diagnosis, Devon and I were always people that had a store-bought pizza in the freezer for nights when we didn’t feel like cooking anything because they’re easy to just throw in the oven …

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