Birthday Devon

Mr. 32

Mr. Domestic is getting old.  He turned 32 yesterday.  Super SUPER old. I always like to tease him on his birthday because it officially puts me as two years younger than him (for like 5 months), but it’s a teasing I enjoy greatly. Devon doesn’t typically ask for much on his birthdays; he’s not a …

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I Have to Brag for a Minute…..

Check out my Future Husband…….. Teacher of the Month!  Yay! I am very proud. They tried to give him fanfare at the faculty meeting yesterday for it but he hates that.  So, he said he just stood in the back and gave a thumbs up in acceptance.  Typical Devon. While he’s just an awesome teacher …

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Devon Doctor Who Holiday Saturday Shorts Wedding

Saturday Shorts

*If one more celebrity dies this year (and yes I’m aware that the year is over in about 9 hours), I’m rioting.  George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds….I can’t.  When Devon and I were out yesterday, “Careless Whisper” by WHAM! came on my iPod.  It hurt my heart a bit. Devon being Devon is like, …

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Christmas Devon Life

Happy Day After Christmas

Probably the best way I can describe to you, how my Christmas was, is to just show you this picture… Yeah….. Let me just say, at this point, I’m fine and I have been crossing all of my body parts that I stay that way.  And the rest of this blog could be a little …

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Devon Engagement Holiday

An Extra Thankful Thanksgiving

First of all, Looney Tunes marathon? Amazing.  Best idea ever.  I’m fairly certain that there was no rhyme or reason to the arrrangment of the episodes on the DVD’s which made it even better.  It’s going to be great when we have kids and can show them Looney Tunes instead of…other cartoons that are…kind of …

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Cars Devon Uncategorized

Cars and Colds

On Saturday, Devon had to go out to his Mom’s so he took my SUV instead of his car.  In the entirety of our relationship/friendship, he’s only ever driven a car of mine once because he hates driving other people’s cars and that was when I had my old Jeep Liberty. So he’s never actually …

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Devon Love Relationship

Our Story: 3 Years down, 87 To Go. 

  That sounds like a prison sentence doesn’t it? When we started dating, Devon promised me 90 years together.  I guess he assumed we’d both live to be about 125.   Today marks three years since he promised me that.  This week also marks two years that we’ve lived together.   In some ways, it doesn’t …

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