I Have to Brag for a Minute…..

Check out my Future Husband……..


Teacher of the Month!  Yay!

I am very proud.

They tried to give him fanfare at the faculty meeting yesterday for it but he hates that.  So, he said he just stood in the back and gave a thumbs up in acceptance.  Typical Devon.

While he’s just an awesome teacher anyway, he mostly received it because he greatly exceeded one of his goals/outcomes for the year well beyond expectations and because his exam grades also greatly exceeded score expectations.  So, he’s clearly teaching pretty damn well.  The kids still aren’t big on turning in homework….but…..they’re learning stuff.

And yes, that is his messy desk behind that.  The award was not for most organized teacher, after all.

I’m marrying an awesome teacher, so I just had to brag on him for a minute.

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