Foodie Pasta Recipe

Italian Pasta Salad

We had a “tailgate” themed pot luck for lunch here at work this week that was AMAZING! We’re a big faculty and there was so much food; from dips to main dishes to desserts; like we probably could have fed the whole student body along with the faculty. Most faculty members usually volunteer to bring …

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Food Foodie Recipe

Meta French Toast

I posted this delicious french toast from Sunday on my Instagram and have yet to stop thinking about it because it’s just that good.  I had a couple of people DM me for the recipe, so I just decided to share it with everyone here on the blog today.

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Chicken Food Recipe

Pesto Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in our house, which I feel like it kind of the norm for most households.  Chicken is like the universal protein; most people like it, you can do about a million things to it, and it’s pretty affordable for any budget. The problem is; it has almost zero flavor …

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