treasure and bond plaid top
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #4


Okay, maybe not “cold”, but it’s definitely not summery like it’s felt for what feels like forever, at this point.  It’s like 55, some wind (which I’m guessing is some of the tropical depression, or whatever).  Like today would be the perfect day for some fall cozies. Like a chunky sweater, scarf, long sleeve top…all the things.

I am a little mad at myself for not wearing a jacket or a heavier cardigan this morning.  But, I mean, we’ve been in basically summer mode for so long, I didn’t really believe it was chilly until I went outside and by the time I did that, I didn’t really have the time to re-evaluate and change what I was wearing.  And yes, I know….#firstworldproblems.

Anyway, back to the point of this post.

The cold of this morning has kind of brought out my inner “basic” girl and I’m not THAT basic (I mean, I hate all things pumpkin) but I’d love to have a nice flannel/plaid shirt with a chunky sweater, jeans, and boots/booties.  I’d be the happiest person ever right now.

So something like….

treasure and bond plaid top

Just a simple and basic flannel top.  I like this one because it isn’t
super thick some flannel can be, so I can layer it with a nice sweater, like…


bp stitch cuff sweater

If you remember, I actually bought this cardigan in gray during the
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer and it’s actually the cardigan I
kind of wish I wore today because it’s a little thicker than the one
I have on right now.  I actually might also grab it in this oatmeal color
because it’s just that good and I actually don’t have a cardigan in this color.

old navy skinny jeans

Okay, I know, I perpetually hate skinny jeans.  I’m still not all about them, but I
do understand that they sometimes have a purpose.  I do own two pairs of skinny pants,
admittedly I don’t wear them often but I keep them for certain things.  I feel like skinny works 
here because of the other pieces and the shoes, so don’t hate me for showing
skinny jeans, I get it, but just trust me. 


american eagle dolce vita boot

Admittedly, I typically prefer a knee-high boot, but on days when I’m running around
a lot, these would be better for me because they aren’t as constricting. So, I can still
do all of the running but they’re a little cuter than just a basic shoe. 


forever 21 oblong scarf

And because I need a scarf in my life at all times during the fall, this is a
cute little accessory to add this just for a little extra warmth! 


Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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