Random Rant

:Dances a jig:


So I come home Friday night and see that none of our Fios is working.  There is no phone line, internet is down and TV won’t connect.

After I sob in a corner in the fetal position; I texted Devon with the alarming “VERIZON IS DEAD!  IT’S DEAD! SO DEAD!” Even in text he couldn’t articulate actual words outside of “huh?” “what?” “why?” and “i’ll be home in 20 minutes”  At least now I know how to get him home with quickness.  He comes home and calls Verizon (just because he knows the Verizon account stuff and I don’t care enough to know it that quickly), they spend like 45 minutes on the phone and the guy is all “I can’t get a signal to your box so I have to send someone out, the soonest is Sunday morning”.

Back to fetal position.

So we haven’t had internet, TV or our landline (cause we use it so much) since whenever Friday.  The guy comes out this morning (and is super annoying but that’s a different story).  Looks around, goes outside.  About 20 minutes later comes back and goes, “….do you ever hear squirrels in the attic/on the roof?”


“Yeah, it looks like one ate through the wire that connects your box to the main line, that’s not the first time I’ve seen that in this neighborhood, there are a lot of squirrels in this neighborhood. Bad news is I can’t fix it and I have to get a contractor out here which could be about a week, good news is I can put a temporary line in to give you your service back until they come out”.

I almost cried.  And might have shed a tear when The Golden Girls reappeared on my TV.

I mean, yes, we have 1001 BluRay’s, but that isn’t TV.  And luckily we have a large data plan on our phones, but that’s not working for all the internet that well.

It also means all that blogging didn’t get done.  Some of it will happen today.

BUT THERE ARE GOOD THINGS THIS WEEK!  Three days before I get to be off for two weeks (working for a Catholic school makes Easter break/Spring Break super long), my favorite snowball stand opens again on Friday and it’s supposed to be a little warmer this week.  So yay!

AND WE SURVIVED THE GREAT OUTAGE OF 2015!  Yes, it was a great outage.  Don’t judge me.

Now I need bacon.  Please excuse me.

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