If these teachers in this school don’t start parking where they belong….I will riot.  They aren’t supposed to park in our little lot on the side because there are no classrooms here, ergo, they don’t need to be here.  We have a small lot on the side for non-teacher faculty and the staff which, obviously, is where I park.  There is no reason it needs to be full at 7:15am.

On the up side, I get to leave at 12:00 today.  We did a college fair on Tuesday night, which meant Terry (the other counselor) and I were here from like 7:00am-9:30pm.  Because of that she left early yesterday and I’m leaving early today because enough is enough.  So I’ll leave when I’m ready.

I also get to see my good friend Katie from college on Saturday and her cute little baby boy.  So also a yay!

I have so many drafts of blog posts on here.  Some of it is random, some of it I just feel needs to be written somewhere, a couple of them are kind of deep in nature.  But I have like, 10, drafts of things.  I need to publish some of them, I know.  There are one or two that might go forever unpublished because they’re more for me than an audience.  But we’ll see.  Maybe when I go home later I’ll work on finishing out some of them and scheduling them to post.  I also might decide to nap instead, but we’ll see how life goes here.

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