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And no I don’t mean the neon ones from Twilight.  These vampires wear white jackets with the lettering of “Lab Corp” on them.

Dear god.

Three vials of blood drawn this morning (remember, vitamin D and iron deficient) to see where my levels are.  I HAVE LOW IRON!  So yes, I did get very lightheaded by the time they got to the third vial.  And I have tiny veins so it took them like 20 minutes to draw all three vials.  Not to mention they had to stick a needle in me twice because the one vein decided it was done after a vial and a half.

It’s been about a an hour and a half and I’m still a  little woozy. I came to work and ate and had water and an ice pack and all but my head is still a little loopy.

Why must they take so much at once?!?!?!?!

I need a nap, now.

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