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Devon and I have known each other for 3,987 years.

Okay, maybe not THAT long, but it seems like it.  In the decade we’ve known each other, we’ve always had this weird intuitive sense when it comes to each other’s moods.  I can tell when he’s angry/annoyed/frustrated/etc from across the room without even looking at him and he’s pretty much the same way with me.  We’re also, eerily, both the same when to comes to confronting about it.  If one of us asks the other, “What’s wrong?”, the response is usually “Nothing, I’m fine.”.  It’s not until the asker calls, “bullshit”, that we usually say anything.  Again, twinsies.

But last night, I was just kind of…meh.  I honestly don’t know why.  Genuinely, I don’t know why.  I even had the amazing realization that Chik-Fil-A sells their delicious barbecue sauce by the tub (which I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying now instead of jarred stuff since I could just drink that sauce).  But I just sort of fell into a blech mood.  No one did anything, Devon didn’t say anything weird.  It, literally, was just a mood.  And in this mood, I became very quiet, very subdued and a bit listless.  Even the funny of Match Game barely got a chuckle out of me.

Devon flipped out.  Maybe not literally, but there was a definite and sudden alertness from him when I quieted down. At one point he was either rubbing my back or my cheek/face or playing with my hand every five minutes.  He asked what was wrong and I said “nothing, and before you call bullshit, i legit mean nothing”.  I’m not sure he believed me because if he did he would have stopped with the back rubbing and the snuggliness and all.  But he didn’t.  He even rubbed my back again when we went back to sleep this morning after finding out school was closed again.

I still don’t know why I was so blase last night.  It’s just one of those things.  I’m perfectly fine today.  It is nice to know that I have someone with me who is attentive enough to notice when something is off with me and want to fix it even if it’s nothing or not fixable.

Now I kind of want to re-watch Match Game because apparently Nipsey Russell said something hilarious but I wasn’t feeling it at that moment.  Nipsey was amazing.

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