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Why do the weekends go so quickly? Who else is in favor of four day work weeks?

I went through and gave all of our floors a good mopping today and let me tell you; while I love our house and all of the space…1800 square feet of floors is a lot…especially when most of those floors are hardwood/uncarpeted. I don’t know why I’m crazy enough to do it all at once. I do always like how the house smells after everything has been mopped though.

Is Maryland the only state that is in this “it feels like winter in the morning and damn near summer in the afternoon” time of the year already? That doesn’t normally hit us until mid/late March, but we’ve already been firmly in 50 degree temps for like two weeks already. Hell we’ve even had a couple days where it was near 70, which is absolutely damn ridiculous for February. Then we had a random five minutes of snow showers on Friday. I don’t understand. At this point, let’s just go to spring because we clearly aren’t getting any snow, so all of this is just annoying me.

Because of our lame weather part of me is ready to start spring clothes shopping and part of me is still wanting to hang on to the cold weather longer. Luckily because of Leap Day this weekend there are some pretty decent sales, especially on spring things, so if you’re completely ready to make that plunge, now is a good time!

J. Crew — Extra 29% off your purchase w/code FEB29

Macy’s — Extra 20% off your entire purchase w/code SAVE

Express — Leap Day Sale: Extra 29% off everything. 

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