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I am gearing up for another very busy week. We have conference night this coming Thursday so that is going to be a really long day.

But this upcoming weekend is now a three day weekend for me (because Monday was our original conference day but the faculty elected to have it Thursday night instead…why…I don’t know…but it is what it is) and I have ZERO plans so I’m super excited to get to the weekend.

So I am all over getting through this week to get to a good long weekend.

Also am I the only one super ready for Thanksgiving? It’s finally cold and wintery here, so it’s putting me all in the holiday feels.

Anyway, sales are kind of…meh, this weekend. But, Express is doing 40-50% off most things this weekend, which usually leads to some pretty great deals on work wear. And, Old Navy is 50% off this weekend, which also leads to some pretty great deals.

Express — 40% off everything + 50% off jeans and dresses.

Old Navy — 50% off site wide, no code needed. 

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