Hibernation Holiday

Thanksgiving Break 

Tuesday afternoon at 2:40, I will be deliriously happy.   Why? Thanksgiving break AKA 5 days off!!   I am so excited!  This is the one holiday break that I feel it’s completely acceptable to just cook for days, eat for days, catch up on the DVR, watch some Blu-rays, hang out with friends and …

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I’m slacking

As excited as I am about Christmas, I’m slacking in the gift department. I’ve gotten my brother a couple things and I bought for a Secret Santa exchange that I’m doing.  Other than that?  Nada. Devon told me yesterday, he’s apparently gotten like 4 things for me already. I’m like, “who are you and what …

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Christmas Holiday


I am super excited for Christmas this year. I’m not even sure why.  I’m normally all about Christmas and as December hits I’m excited.  But it’s November 2nd and I’m ready to like put the Christmas tree up and decorate and Christmas shop. I’m crazy.  Maybe.  I don’t know. My family it’s a tradition to …

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Christmas Devon Holiday

First Christmas…..kinda

So, depending on which mindset you associate with, last Christmas might have been mine and Devon’s first Christmas. But, as far as we’re concerned, this is our first Christmas. We spent a couple hours together last year for Devon’s annual family Christmas celebration but that was it. So we don’t count that. Last year was …

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