Christmas Holiday Work

Winter Break is Here!

It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. That was my life yesterday. We only had a half day anyway and there were essentially no classes.  We had a Christmas prayer service and did a morning of a Christmas decorating battle and Christmas movies.  The students were dismissed at 11:30 and then the …

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Devon Engagement Holiday

An Extra Thankful Thanksgiving

First of all, Looney Tunes marathon? Amazing.  Best idea ever.  I’m fairly certain that there was no rhyme or reason to the arrrangment of the episodes on the DVD’s which made it even better.  It’s going to be great when we have kids and can show them Looney Tunes instead of…other cartoons that are…kind of …

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Hibernation Holiday

Thanksgiving Break 

Tuesday afternoon at 2:40, I will be deliriously happy.   Why? Thanksgiving break AKA 5 days off!!   I am so excited!  This is the one holiday break that I feel it’s completely acceptable to just cook for days, eat for days, catch up on the DVR, watch some Blu-rays, hang out with friends and …

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Devon Holiday Uncategorized

I’m slacking

As excited as I am about Christmas, I’m slacking in the gift department. I’ve gotten my brother a couple things and I bought for a Secret Santa exchange that I’m doing.  Other than that?  Nada. Devon told me yesterday, he’s apparently gotten like 4 things for me already. I’m like, “who are you and what …

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