Hibernation Holiday

Thanksgiving Break 

Tuesday afternoon at 2:40, I will be deliriously happy.  


Thanksgiving break AKA 5 days off!!  

I am so excited!  This is the one holiday break that I feel it’s completely acceptable to just cook for days, eat for days, catch up on the DVR, watch some Blu-rays, hang out with friends and family and just relax.  

I. Can. Not. Wait.  

We’re going to Devon’s mom’s house for Thanksgiving which is always really nice.  So it’s the one day that neither of us will wind up cooking, but I do have some plans involving some baked pasta, some pork tenderloins, some chicken, and maybe even a dessert for the other days when we will be at home.  

We don’t go out on Black Friday here.  We’re not into the crowds and the pushing and the crazy.  We will spend all of Black Friday decorating for Christmas, shopping online, and watching movies.  

Now if we could have some wintery weather, I’d be happy.  I know I’m not one who really enjoys snow; I like cold, not big on precipitation, though, but I’m not against it when I’m planning on hanging out at home for a couple of days doing wintery things.  I know that’s not likely to happen in Maryland next week, but hopefully it at least stays cold.  

I just need these need two work days to go fast and quietly.  I’m hoping that everyone will be in the holiday spirit and everyone will also just want to be here and get it all over with so we can go home and relax for a few days.  

I hope.  I really hope.  

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