Hibernation Holiday

Thanksgiving Break 

Tuesday afternoon at 2:40, I will be deliriously happy.   Why? Thanksgiving break AKA 5 days off!!   I am so excited!  This is the one holiday break that I feel it’s completely acceptable to just cook for days, eat for days, catch up on the DVR, watch some Blu-rays, hang out with friends and …

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Hibernation Life Random


I’ve kind of been on an unintentional vacation this past week. I was intending on kicking back as hard as I did, but I’m not mad about it.  This past week has been, pretty much, one of the few completely uneventful weeks of summer I’ll have this year.  So I reveled in it. I intended …

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About Me Devon Hibernation

Out of hibernation…..

IT’S ALIVE!!! Yes.  I am here.  I didn’t fall off a cliff or anything crazy like that. Life kinda happened.  Some random stuff, nothing horrible.  I somewhat unexpectedly did camp this past week when I wasn’t supposed to do it until this coming week, so my schedule became really odd.  As a bonus, I’m off …

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