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Out of hibernation…..


Yes.  I am here.  I didn’t fall off a cliff or anything crazy like that.

Life kinda happened.  Some random stuff, nothing horrible.  I somewhat unexpectedly did camp this past week when I wasn’t supposed to do it until this coming week, so my schedule became really odd.  As a bonus, I’m off the next two weeks instead of starting camp this coming week, so there was a plus to me changing up my schedule.

Camp is fun, but it’s exhausting.  That’s why I didn’t really post.  I get home and pretty much collapse on the couch and then go to bed.

On that note, WE HAVE A BED AGAIN!


It’s not the best picture in the world, but it shows our bed up off the floor and usable again!  Yay!  This one is actually higher than our old one too, and the feet seem more sturdy, which is good since we have a King Size bed.

There’s not really a ton of stuff going on.  Devon’s first week off was this past week and I do have two kind of boasty things where he is concerned.  Or maybe it might be more of a “proud girlfriend” moment or something. But…anyway…

He learned how to use a knife!!  Yay!  That’s not to sound demeaning, at all.  But he was one of those guys who was all about buying the pre-chopped veggies at the grocery store.  You know those tubs that cost like $5 for a bowl of onions and peppers and whatnot just because they’re already chopped up?  Every time he bought one in the past year, I’ve side-eyed him.  But Devon is Devon, he persisted in his buying of the tubs despite my side eyes, so whatever.

Last weekend….or actually two weekends ago now, he was making dinner and….he actually bought whole, unchopped veggies and was chopping them himself!!! He had like a whole onion and peppers and was using a knife, guys!  I was so proud.  I wanted to take a picture, but I know him and he would have gone back to his tub ways if I had done that.  I will say, using a paring knife and a dinner plate might not be the best tools (especially when there are umpteen cutting boards and three chef’s knives here) but it’s PROGRESS!

He even admitted it tasted better with the veggies he chopped himself.

I’m so proud.

Also, I said that he was off all week last week, whereas I was not.  He was so much more productive around the house than I expected him to be.  I didn’t expect to walk into a pigsty or anything every night, but he actually was moving around and cleaning the house and all while I was gone.  I was surprised Mr. “I’m on vacation” was productive.  He did a ton of laundry. If you remember this Household Essentials Rolling Quad Sorter Laundry Hamper with Natural Polyester Bags, Antique Bronze Frame hamper that I picked up when I did our Spring Cleaning….that thing was overflowing.  Which is kind of embarrassing because it’s just us but there was our clothes and sheets and towels and all kinds of stuff in there.  And he did almost all of it.  There was only half a bag left by the end of the week.  He made a really nice dinner a couple of nights, took over the upkeep of the kitchen and went grocery shopping.  It was so nice.

He still surprises me a little bit sometimes.  I know it’s “just what he’s supposed to do anyway” but it’s nice.

We’re both off the next couple weeks.  We have some things here and there to randomly do and I want him to kind of help me out with some things around here but it’s going to be a relaxing couple of weeks.

So I’m here.  I have a few posts that are going to be turned out here.  I missed my blog, so I’m excited to have some time to devote to it the next couple weeks.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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