Somehow our bed fell apart last night…..

You’re probably assuming that there is a really GOOD story behind this and….there isn’t. 

We were both getting into bed, at the same time, and as we both sat down the bed just went, WHUUMP! on to the floor. 

Well half the bed did anyway. 

And Devon and I just stared at each other for a good minute, out of just pure shock. 

We finally got up and lifted the mattress and box spring and one of the casters somehow came off. We saw that the bolt holding it split in half….somehow?  And the bolt was stuck in the frame and the castor. I don’t understand. 

It’s late, were tired. We wanna go to bed. So….we try the “college fix” of just duct taping it, do we can at least sleep. It kinda worked. But dear god. Any move either of us made, I thought we were going down again. 

But we attempted to go to sleep on it anyway. Devon got up about 30 minutes after we “went to sleep”, got back in bed. I was, obviously, awake. I hear a crackle of something. Ten minutes later, neither of us were moving and there was another clink. 

Devon turns over, “you’re done here, aren’t you?” 


On the couch we both went. If you remember, we have a sectional so we both arranged on the couch pretty easily. 

I will not sleep in that thing again. 

Devon ordered a new one that should be here Friday morning. 

“Isn’t there a warranty on it?”  

Probably. But I’m paranoid. It’s one of those things I’d just rather replace. 

We’ll deal with the couch until then.  

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