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Spring Cleaning: The Finale

Could I have done all of this in one day?  Not without killing myself.  But it is done!  My house looks nice and clean and airy and….yay!

It could still benefit from a few personal touches here and there but that’s coming.  Overall, though, it looks complete and perfectly livable.

I know it’ll get messed up again eventually, but we’re only two people, we shouldn’t have too many issues keeping it better than we did before.  Yes? Maybe? We’ll see.

This, admittedly, is the least photographed because these two rooms are pretty open spaces, so there’s really only so much to show.  And, in fact, I didn’t get a before of my living room.  But just imagine the couch having random books, work stuff and electronics strewn over it.  Oh, and a cat lounging.


Don’t….with the walls.  The hooks were still there from things we had up there before.  Devon put the other things on top of the boxes before he left yesterday morning.  He thought it would look nice.  He’s a guy.  What can I say?  But yeah, dining room has never been my favorite room, partially because I dislike our table and it needs more it in it to be functional.  Oh and we do have two other chairs, Devon was doing something to the wheels.


The pic wall in the dining room isn’t fully done because I lost desire to finish at that moment and I haven’t the faintest idea what to do with out king breadmaker, at the moment, either.  But much happier with the way it all looks now.

Now to handle a couple other bare-ish walls and maybe get a slim console table or something in that dining room.  And a tablecloth.  Definitely a tablecloth.

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