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Spring Break 2017

It’s the first morning of Spring Break…and it’s glorious.  I can now have the joy of thinking it’s Saturday every morning that I wake up for the next 12 days. Devon has been on break all week and while I cursed him when I would get up in the morning and he was still sleeping, …

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Break Task List

Every time Spring starts, I suddenly feel this need to organize, purge, declutter, and just get everything….springy….I don’t know if that word makes sense here, but it’s staying anyway. We aren’t actually on Spring Break here for another three weeks, which is sad because that just seems so far away and I’ve seen so many …

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Life Organization Spring Cleaning

Renaissance Time

So, I’m having a moment.  A long moment.  Where I suddenly just have a huge laundry list of things I want to do, improve, change, re-do….something.  It’s kind of crazy.  It’s not a bad crazy, but a little overwhelming.  And it kind of kept me awake last night, which isn’t a good thing because I …

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Life Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: The Finale

Could I have done all of this in one day?  Not without killing myself.  But it is done!  My house looks nice and clean and airy and….yay! It could still benefit from a few personal touches here and there but that’s coming.  Overall, though, it looks complete and perfectly livable. I know it’ll get messed …

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